How Hint Water Helped Me Solve My Winter Skin Problems

The cold, dry weather and my skin do not get along. I figured with staying inside more often, I'd maybe see a difference this year, but it's still dry and patchy.

I added a new intense moisturizer to my routine, and I'm applying Chapstick all day long to my forever chapped lips.

One day, I asked my friend who keeps up with the current skincare trends, if there was any sort of miracle cream for my super dry skin. She said my products sounded OK, and asked if I was drinking enough water.

The easy answer to that was no. In fact, working from home, I think I drink less water than when I did in the office.

It was possible that I was really dehydrated, and it shows in my skin more in the winter. She told me if I wasn't getting enough water, my skincare product couldn't be as helpful as usual.

With the blistering cold outside and the dry heat inside, I knew she was right.

Unfortunately, I hate the taste of water. My coffee, or a cup of tea are all the beverages I need!

A few weeks later, my friend, who always goes on coffee runs with me, told me he was cutting back on caffeine. He was drinking something called Hint and it was fruit-infused water.

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"You're drinking sugary flavored water now?!", I said to him, and he was quick to correct me. He told me that it was sugar-free, preservative-free, contained no diet sweeteners, and had zero calories. It's just drinking water with the added flavor of your favorite fruits.

Maybe this was what I needed to help me drink more water. He gave me his extra Watermelon Hint Water and told me to try it. I took a sip, and wow, it was really good! Watermelon is one of my favorite fruits, so the flavor was great and tastes super refreshing.

I don't think I have ever enjoyed a bottle of water so much in my life. It was so tasty that I immediately went online to order some. They have a great new customer deal, where you can choose 3 cases from their top flavors for just $36! That's 36 bottles for just $1 per bottle, and shipping is free and delivered straight to your door!

My Hint package arrived, and I couldn't wait to try all the different flavors I ordered. Even the Blackberry flavor was delicious, and I am not a big fan of blackberries. Drinking Hint water is now a part of my daily hydration routine. I never thought I would see the day that I would be drinking so much water, thanks to Hint.

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