Holiday Party-Ready Outfits (That Aren't Red and Green)

For a party, we love a dress-up night of jewel tones—deep, saturated emerald and juicy ruby—but this time of year, it's hard to wear red and green without looking like you lost your way on the trek back to the North Pole.

This year, you're in luck. We've never seen such a festive smattering of shimmery fabrics, sequins, and lamé. Even for less formal parties — say, caroling with your in-laws or cutting a rug with your colleagues — the options seem especially rich this year, offering more plush velvets and ruffley plaids than you'll have party invites.

For the Office Party

Joie Kyria B Sequined Dress, $360

Stay covered up while still look radically cool.

Rahi Red Leopard Scarlett Dress, $119

How to wear red without feeling like a Christmas ornament? Just add leopard spots, like the wild woman you are.

Topshop Metallic Wrap Blazer, $182

Don't let them forget who's boss even when you're sharing the same dance floor.

For the Family Affair

Rebecca Taylor Ruched Sleeve Velvet Top, $210

Just add your favorite jeans for a classy look.

Ruffle Wrap Skirt in J. Crew Signature Tartan Plaid, $148

If you're not sipping hot chocolate by the fire or strolling through a snowy neighborhood wearing this skirt, you're doing something wrong.

Zara Polka Dot Draped Dress, $50

You don't have to be with child to rock this stretchy, ruched dress. You also don't have to wear sneakers, but don't they look damn cute?

The Fancy-Pants Christmas Party

Maria Lucia Hohan Zorya Dress, $685

This is the superhero equivalent of a party dress. Leap from towering heights and look as shimmery as a flute of champagne while doing it.

Twist Cut-out Midi Dress, $95

Glamorous, yet still avant garde, this is for the coolest girl at the gilded mansion.

For the Party Animal Christmas Party

Milly Velvet Slip Dress, $350

We love the rainbow stripes of this slinky velvet gown that puts the disco in Christmas without trying too hard.

Topshop, Leather Frill Mini Dress, $282

Paging Biana Jagger. Santa wants to know if you've been naughty or nice.

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