Six super simple warming cocktail recipes you can make at home

The holidays are over, our New Year's resolutions have finally been forgotten about and we're officially in the home stretch of that three month slump before spring. Don't despair too much — there are still some good things about that frigid wind and wet, brown slush on the ground. Here are a few simple, easy-to-make cocktails to keep you warm and cozy.

1. Caramel Irish Coffee

This new spin on the classic Irish Coffee invites some butterscotch into the mix for deep, yet vibrant, flavors — the 75-year history of the famous Irish Coffee cocktail has proven the Irish do it better.

Caramel Irish Coffee is extremely simple so make — brew the absolute best coffee you can and add Jameson, Baileys and butterscotch schnapps. Then, top it with whipped cream. It's an amazingly hot, creamy cocktail that will make the grey days of February a bit sweeter.

2. Almost a Collins

Summer cocktails are usually the tastiest because it's naturally the best time for fresh fruits — yet there are also some great finds in winter produce markets that have to be taken advantage of while they're in season.

For example — the blood orange has a delightfully vibrant flavor that can only be found from December through April. This sweeter citrus lets you mix up fun and interesting cocktails like the 'Almost a Collins.'

The drink mixes vodka with fresh-squeezed blood orange juice and blood orange soda to boot. To add a little contrast and heat up those already rosy cheeks, cinnamon syrup is thrown into the mix, creating a unique, sparkling cocktail with a true seasonal flair.

3. Midnight Snowstorm

Few drinks are more appropriate or iconic for winter than a steaming cup of hot chocolate — it's delicious, comforting and the perfect base for this cold weather cocktail.

And like a cold winter's day, mint also pairs extremely well with hot chocolate — the simple 'Midnight Snowstorm' invites cocoa and cocktail lovers alike to enjoy this warm and refreshing drink.

The cocoa takes care of the rich chocolate flavor and leaves the mint up to both styles of creme de menthe. If you're feeling fancy, a drizzle of green creme de menthe overtop a good-sized dollop of whipped cream is a beautiful way to dress up the drink.

4. Winter Margarita

The winter margarita is as beautiful — and as strong — as its summer counterpart. Imagine the traditional margarita — but with an egg white. Perhaps gross at first, but just wait until you try it.

The only other noticeable difference is its substitution of tequila for a thicker mezcal. The cocktail gives you those tastes of summer, but with the warmth and smoke of winter vibes.

5. Rum Old Fashioned

The heavy molasses flavors of rum, the warmth of allspice and the strong taste of Angostura bitters combine to make for this lovely, rich cocktail. Perfect for late nights, this slightly thicker version of the traditional old fashioned is food for the soul.

6. Applejack Sazerac

Just as iconic as hot cocoa, a roaring fire is also a symbol of winter — this next drink puts you directly in that moment, or even just inviting you to do the same. Using so many wintery ingredients, the 'Applejack Sazerac' has notes of maple syrup and aromatic apple that put you up in a couch right by the fireplace

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