The Best Program For Avoiding The Dreaded Summer Slide

  • Kids regularly lose up to 40% of what they've learned over the school year during the summer, but after a year of learning from home, it could be even worse.
  • Kids are also getting more screen time than ever.
  • HOMER is a fun educational program for ages 2-8 that focuses on basic school skills as well as emotional intelligence, so it's the perfect summertime aid for students.

We all know what it is, but there's a term for it now: the summer slide. Every summer, kids lose up to 40% of what they've learned over the school year, according to different studies.

With decreased social interaction, in a learn-from-home year, we can't even begin to understand how much emotional learning they could be missing out on at a formative age.

Even if some kids are back in the classroom, screentime is only going up; but that doesn't mean it has to all be negative. Not all screentime is created equal.

If you want to make sure your kids get the skills they need to stay on track, our favorite app is HOMER. For kids 2 to 8, it focuses on presenting fun interactive games and stories for all subjects, such as math and phonics, but it also builds the emotional and social foundation of skills that quarantined kids might be lacking.

HOMER Learn & Grow
For Kids Ages 2 to 8
In-App Games + Stories

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HOMER's different from other programs in that it also focuses on independent learning. You and your child can select their favorite topics so that they build the passion and confidence that translate to the classroom. It's also focused on age, so the youngest kids won't get material that's too advanced and the oldest kids won't get material that's too basic for them.

It's also not necessary to spend hours on it to get the good stuff out of it; you only need to spend about 15 minutes a day on it.

Their team of experts has knowledge in developmental science, cognitive psychology, and certified teaching experience to create the most effective and engaging lessons.

There are over 1000 activities and HOMER's offering the first two months for just $5. Membership costs $9.99 a month thereafter or $59.99 for the year, coming out at $4.99 a month.

It's also the perfect summer opportunity for parents who need a break. From helping kids with camera troubles to complicated art projects, it's been a year, so you get to relax and know that HOMER's proven program is perfectly all-encompassing, so you can take a much-deserved break while they continue to learn. There are also plenty of reviews online that mention kids who love and engage with HOMER to the point where they'll request it over tv any day of the week.

Skip the summer slide and keep moving forward with HOMERall summer long.

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