One Woman’s Honest Review Of Musely

I've had skin issues ever since giving birth to my firstborn three years ago. I started getting dark spots on my face, but being busy with my new baby, I didn't pay much attention. When I noticed it wasn't going away after a few months, I did some research and figured out I had a skin issue known as melasma.

My melasma was pretty mild at first and didn't bother me much, but after giving birth to my second child a year ago, it got worse. I've tried to cover it with concealer as much as I could but you could still see it.

I began to try every over-the-counter product that claimed to help dark spots. You name it, I tried it. None of them worked, and things only got worse for me. I even made an appointment with my doctor who referred me to a dermatologist but got put on a long waiting list - 6 months long to be exact. They offered me facial treatments like microneedling that caused me pain and prescribed skincare medications, only to be left with no results.

I felt hopeless, and being a mom of two young children I didn't have any more time or money to spend on fancy skincare routines and treatments. I could feel it affecting my confidence. I wasn't my usual bubbly self at any family events or friend's parties due to being so self-conscious.

That's when I came across an ad for Musely, a telemedicine prescription skincare service. The first thing that struck me was how real the before and after photos were - you could tell there was no heavy editing or airbrushing, but the results still looked great.

As amazing as it looked, I still doubted Musely would be different for me after everything I'd tried. But some of their before and after photos looked amazing. Plus Musely was as accessible as any OTC product I'd tried - you didn't need to go to the doctor's office or the pharmacy - so I read some of their reviews and was amazed at how well it worked for people.

One that struck me said "I have been using The Spot Cream for 22 days. I honestly felt like I started seeing lightening of my spots on day 3. Even the freckles I've had my whole life have disappeared. This really works. I never post on things like this, but I'm so happy with this product!". But how could Musely work so much better than other treatments?

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Turns out, Musely's treatments are formulated by board-certified dermatologists and are completely customized. They treat skin problems like melasma, aging, and spots, and they have over 50 different formulas.

The reason their formulas are so effective is because they are made at their own pharmacy with special formulas that can be customized for each individual and then shipped directly to the customer within 24 hours, making them a lot more potent and therefore more effective. The ingredients required to effectively treat melasma expire quickly, so Musely has created a way to ensure that the potency isn't compromised.

After I read that Musely has a 60-day results guarantee (meaning they will refund the full cost of the medication if you are not satisfied with the results after 60 days), I thought I might as well give it a shot even though I still didn't have high hopes.

To get my treatment, all I had to do was input my state and consent to telehealth, then I created an account and answered their questionnaire. Once I was assigned my dermatologist, they prescribed customized medication.

The Spot Cream worked out at just $1 a day ($60 for 2 months) which would be a small price to pay if it was effective!

My shipment arrived promptly and I couldn't wait to try it. I followed the instructions and kept applying the cream every day. It went on my skin nicely - it didn't leave any weird residue like some creams and serums I'd tried in the past, and it didn't require multiple steps. Musely is a simple one-step treatment (plus SPF of course).

Fast forward two weeks and I couldn't believe how much of a difference it had made already. I knew if I kept it up it could potentially make my melasma disappear.

It's been two months now and my skin is the best it's looked in years. Musely really does work. I was shocked that something so affordable could be so effective. Considering people pay upward of thousands for chemical peels and laser treatments, $60 is an amazing value! Even some of the over-the-counter stuff I'd tried before was more expensive than Musely but had little to no results.

After using The Spot Cream for a few months, my confidence is finally back for the first time ever since having my firstborn. I'm travelling, meeting new people more, and feeling back to my old self again. I'm so glad I took the leap of faith with Musely. If you suffer from melasma, I'd highly recommend Musely.

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