Here’s My $196 Vegamour Haul - Read My Honest Review

  • Vegamour is a vegan hair wellness brand that promotes healthy, beautiful hair using clinically tested, plant-based ingredients
  • Known for their powerful formulas, Vegamour’s products target hair, lashes, and brows in applications ranging from serums to supplements
  • I decided to try out some of their bestsellers from the GRO line and see if the brand really does deliver on the hype
  • Read below to see everything I got with only $196 and how it worked out

Vegamour is a serious player in the hair wellness space. I’ve seen them everywhere from Instagram to Sephora and even hiding on the shower shelves of my friends who have the best hair ever.

Their mission and commitment to healthy hair all starts with their powerhouse line-up of GRO products. Their holistic approach to hair wellness means their products are all vegan, cruelty-free, and have no synthetic hormones or carcinogens.

I came for the baby pink packaging – and rave reviews – but I’m staying for their next-level, absolutely effective product lineup. Here’s what I thought about just a few of their GRO line offerings:

First up – Fan favorite, GRO Hair Serum.

This $64 serum is the key to promoting healthy hair. Like all Vegamour products, it’s free of any known toxic chemicals that are often found in hair care brands.

Big names like Rogaine still use minoxidil, which can cause severe scalp irritation and even headaches and dizziness. Vegamour only uses natural ingredients to visibly increase hair density.

I was pleasantly surprised by the application of the GRO Hair Serum. All I had to do was administer a fuller dropper to my scalp and massage it in with my fingertips – that’s it! Since there’s no rinsing involved, you can simply incorporate it into your morning or nightly routine.

Vegamour’s formula packs a punch too – the serum blends ingredients such as mung bean to help fortify cells, curcumin facilitates growth, and red clover which is clinically proven to prohibit the production of DHT.

It’s only been a couple of weeks but I swear this serum has me on the path to thicker, fuller hair!

Using the same ingredients as the serum, this shampoo and conditioner combo means business.

Their active ingredients are delivered to the scalp through micro-encapsulation technology, getting deep beneath the surface and promoting visibly fuller, thicker, and stronger hair. All without the harmful side effects that other growth products can cause.

Vegamour’s shampoo and conditioner also have a secret ingredient – their proprietary Karmatin™. This first-of-its-kind vegan keratin uses micro-encapsulated vegan b-SILK™ protein to repair general cuticle damage and hair frayed by heat and coloring. Their proprietary Karmatin wraps each strand giving you stronger hair that’s healthier, thicker, and undeniably glossy.

To get my hair completely back on track, I went all in and splurged on the GRO Biotin Gummies.

First, how sweet are these little heart-shaped drops?! I wish my multivitamin was this adorable.

They’re strawberry-flavored, delicious, super cute, but also mighty! When taken every day, they can work to strengthen strands and help nourish the scalp so I can get the smoothest, silkiest, and strongest hair. Vegamour’s Biotin Gummies contain biotin, folic acid, vitamins A, C, and E, and vitamins B-5, 6, and 12, which help stimulate new cell growth and keratin production.

Overall – Vegamour’s the way to go.

My hair feels infinitely stronger and practically all the frizz and breakage is gone. Vegamour’s follicle-stimulating technology is totally worth the investment. Here’s a brand that’s not only dedicated to quality ingredients but truly delivers amazing results.

I’ll definitely be restocking my Vegamour regimen. And with their subscription, I’ll even be saving in the process.

I paid $196 but with their subscription option, I could have gotten it all for only $158!

The confidence I feel with my healthier, longer, and thicker hair is truly priceless. If you’re ready to dive in and discover an entire GRO routine, there are tons of bundles to choose from.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to subscribe and save, so your hair wellness journey stays on track and you score the best deal in the process.

Try Vegamour and see what the hype is all about!

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