Why I Love The Silhouette Set From Honeylove

Shopping for shapewear was a nightmare until I found Honeylove. For my BFF's wedding, I tried the SuperPower Short from their Sculptwear line and it was the. best. ever. Underneath the velvet wrap bridesmaid dress, I felt smooth and secure. It totally transformed my posture and I danced at the reception and the afterparty without the dreaded fabric rolling.

It was such a great experience, I wanted to wear my Honeylove SuperPower Shorts all the time, but it didn’t always make sense for jeans and tees. Turns out, they do offer day-to-day panties and bras that look and feel like lingerie!

Although the Scultpwear was comfy, I kind of hate all bras (remote working has spoiled me forever), so I didn’t know if this was what I was looking for.

However, reviews of their Silhouette Bra and matching Silhouette Briefs were amazing:

Frankly I hate wearing bras… My old bras were lumpy with wires protruding. And the straps never stayed in place. Decided I needed a refresher and tried a Honeylove. Immediately it just fit right! It was sheer but supportive, and really pretty. So I bought 2 more!” - Beth S. on The Silhouette Bra

My new favorite underwear! I'll be buying a pair for every day of the week. The velvet details are beautiful, the fabric is soft and silky, and they come in so many gorgeous colors.” - Tanya B., on The Silhouette Brief

When I found a pair of sneakers I loved, I bought them in 3 colors. Would the Silhouette Set become my new go-to?

The Silhouette Bra was beautiful, but without underwire, I wasn’t sure how supportive it would be. Still, the colors were gorgeous, from the ethereal Moonbeam to the bold Peony, and the 3D printed velvet was a fun and supportive detail.

The high waist and soft and stretchy ‘Lycra My Fit fabric’ on the briefs sold the set for me - these would probably be flattering, if the SuperPower Short was anything to go on.

I ordered one set in the neutral Cinnamon shade; Honeylove has an in-depth Fit Quiz if you’re unsure of your size.

My set arrived beautifully packaged, and I was immediately impressed with the feel; the supersoft cups, the contrasting velvet… I undressed and did a little try-on.

Boobs? Secure. Butt? Enhanced. Yup, I’d be going back for more colors. I adjusted the straps for a perfect fit and marveled at how flattering the bra was. Even doing a jumping jack, my chest didn’t move too much.

The Briefs hit at my belly button, keeping my stomach secure, and giving me such a cute figure.

This is The Ultimate Set for underneath any day-to-day fit. I’d wear this cleaning around the house or going out at night, knowing that not only am I getting the support I need but doing it in a style I love.

Honeylove just gets it. Everything I’ve tried from them fits really well and always has such an elegant design, it would go under everything. Get the Silhouette Set in your favorite color - before it sells out!

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