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Hot Girl Hacks To Make Being A Girl Easier

TikTok has seriously changed our lives. I’m constantly convinced to buy products based on a short video some random influencer shot in her bedroom. There’s a continuous flow of information flung our way via this singular video-based social media app.

When you think about it, it’s weird. We trust all these people – who we know nothing about – to dictate what’s trending and which products are worth our money. On the other hand, it’s the most accessible app out there.

Almost everyone has TikTok, and ol' schlub can go viral. Unlike Instagram, the niche aspect of TikTok gives you the chance to see anyone’s post – not just who you follow.

And as such, we’re exposed to a lot more information than we normally would be on social media. This unique experience has transformed us into docile consumers – eager to listen and try for ourselves.

However, my favorite TikTok phenomenon is the life hack section. I love it when I find a way to make my life easier. After all, my time is of the essence and so is yours.

If there’s one thing I learned from my days of watching Gossip Girl, I know that Hot Girls are constantly on the go. Looking prim and polished does not come easy, and there are often many tears shed in the name of beauty. Beauty most definitely is pain.

Think about the cuts on the backs of our heels and aching feet from wearing high heels all night. That annoying rip on your fresh pair of tights. The appearance of dry, cracked lips at all hours.

I feel like I’m in a constant loop of finding the best makeup trend, hair dying technique, and body hair removal. Like I said, being a girl is hard freaking work. It’s daunting, exhausting, borderline criminally insane work.

But with the rise of TikTok, all of these issues are answered. Girls come out of the woodwork and onto my FYP to tell me the solution to even the simplest of problems. They call them “Hot Girl Hacks” and I’m all ears every single time.

I wouldn’t be anywhere without TikTok clueing me in on some of life’s greatest, easiest secrets. My favorite Hot Girl Hacks go as follows:

Aspercreme For Heels

@itsmelinavega You need ABSOLUTELY need this #musthaves #painrelief #aspercreme #fyp ♬ original sound - Melina Vega

A spray-on can of Aspercreme can save your feet from the inevitable dull ache that comes with a six-inch feel. Generously spray all over your feet – even the bottoms – and give yourself a few minutes to numb.

I used this for my 10 mile walking days at Coachella and my feet weren’t even screaming by the end.

The Joys Of Hairspray

@molchanovamua It works
♬ Dead Inside - Justus Bennetts

Hairspray isn’t just meant to hold up your hairstyle. Spray it onto a spoolie for the ultimate brow glue. Or directly spray onto a washcloth for a homemade lint roller. And a tale as old as time, spray it onto tights before putting them on to prevent runs.

Aquaphor On Everything 

@lyss Replying to @BELLA THE FRENCH BULLDOG ♬ Sherry - The Four Seasons

Vaseline and Aquaphor are used to lock moisture into your skin. The trend “slugging” became a popular method to lock your skincare in place and give your skin barrier an added boost.

However, you can also use it as a brow pomade or to coat your eyelashes overnight to stimulate growth. Use the spray version to give your legs a glowy runway model shine. Just slather this all over your body for ultimate moisturization.

Clear Nail Polish For Tights 

@marianamcdonald How to fix a rip on your tights! #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner #fashionhacks #fashiontips #learnwithme ♬ original sound - Mariana McDonald

While clear nail polish is great for the obvious mani-pedi, it also can save your shredded tights. By putting clear nail polish directly on your run, it seals it right on up, giving you good-as-new tights.

Overnight Heatless Curls

@sophiebarkleyy Replying to @mollymae_tommy.xx The very requested heatless sock curl tutorial 👸🏼🤍 Would you try this? #heatlesscurls #sockcurls #viralhairtrend #servinghair ♬ original sound - lanasmonkeys

We all want to save our hair from damage, and we equally want to wake up with already styled hair. The heatless curl trend is incredibly popular, but using socks to roll your curls seems to be the best at-home method.

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