Hot Nights With Cool Stuff From Kindra

You’re not alone if you hit a certain age and your sex drive falls off a cliff.

Talking about sex and aging is old-school taboo; Kindra is revolutionizing menopause. Their made by women, for women product line provides estrogen-free products that address the challenges of menopause all while destigmatizing the conversation.

Hormonal changes are a part of life. And while your libido may naturally go up and down due to stress, anxiety, illness, pain, and intimacy issues, your sexual wellness deserves to be a priority. That’s not merely for the benefits of reducing blood pressure, improving sleep cycles, and easing stress… Hey, boosting your libido can even count as a form of exercise 😏.

Here’s how Kindras Bundles can help you embrace this next stage of life without losing your appetite for intimacy:

Let's Get Intimate Bundle

  • The Daily Vaginal Lotion
  • The Sleep Enhancing Supplement

If you’re suffering from lack of sleep - a common menopausal issue for many reasons - you’ll need to prioritize restorative rest. Without it, getting in the mood can be more challenging.

Night sweats and menopause-induced insomnia can contribute to an inability to sleep, and Kindra’s Sleep Enhancing Supplement can help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

Kindra uses the plant antioxidant, Pycnogenol® in their targeted symptom relief supplement collection, a French maritime pine bark extract that’s great for getting to the root cause of night sweats. Ashwaganda calms the mind, and a small dose of melatonin promotes sleep without feeling groggy the next day.

To support that rest, The Daily Vaginal Lotion provides soothing hydration, with its combination of Vitamins B3 and E, plus omega-rich coconut oil, supports the discomfort from dryness. Dealing with discomfort doesn’t have to be your new way of life; Kindra provides long-lasting relief with a formula that women are loving.

“Changed my life - Finally an answer without hormones! Vaginal dryness is a thing in the past. Sex is no longer uncomfortable.” - Julie S.

The Sensitive Essential Bundle

  • The Core Supplement
  • V Relief Serum

If sleep isn’t just where your problems lie, The Core Supplement is the way to go. It contains the super-antioxidant Pycnogenol® along with Ashwagandra.

Its formulation supports relief from a spectrum of symptoms - including hot flashes, night sweats, and feelings of stress, but helps with focus and clarity. Just take it with breakfast daily and you'll start seeing results 1-2 months in. Say goodbye to brain fog clouding up your day!

As for the V Relief Serum, Kindra partnered with leading OB/GYNs to launch their breakthrough formula that specifically keeps tender, intimate skin front-of-mind. For hypersensitive tissue, the naturally-derived peptides are clinically-studied to reduce skin sensitivity and reactivity, including burning, stinging, and itching.

This bundle will nourish you from the inside out.

"After trying several other brands/formulas, I was so pleased [with The Core Supplement.] My hot flashes literally disappeared! Slept better then I have in years!” - Lori

The Sensitive V Relief Bundle

  • V Relief Serum
  • Soothe Bath Soak

If sensitivity of your intimate skin is your main concern, pairing the V Relief Serum with the Soothe Bath Soak is a must. It’s the first Bath Soak formulated for making sure not to disrupt the delicate skin moisture barrier of the external vagina and the opening of the vagina (where women are often the most sensitive).

Omega-rich oat kernel extract restores and moisturizes skin and creates a relaxing atmosphere so you can finally find your mind drifting to the places you want it to go. Plus, it's specifically made to avoid irritating tender intimate skin, especially for women 40+.

"[The Soothe] Bath Soak was just what I needed after a long day working at the hospital. I can soak without the worry of harsh drying products that could easily lead to a UTI. Thanks Kindra!!!” - Joy I.

Kindra’s line is vegan, formulated with clinically-studied ingredients, and free of hormones. It contains absolutely everything you need to combat all the less fun parts of menopause and lets you focus on the freedoms and joys that this journey can bring.

Reclaim your sex drive and transition into what just what might be the best phase of your life with Kindra.

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