How Audien Hearing Aids Help You Hear More Clearly

It happens slowly. You’re on a work call and you can’t tell if someone said “don’t” or “down.” You have to put your phone on speaker and the volume all the way up just to chat with your daughter.

Hearing loss affects 1 in 3 people over 65, and ignoring it can have serious repercussions.

So, you’ve reached the stage of admitting that your hearing is diminishing. We understand the resistance. There are so many hurdles — the doctor appointments, the hearing tests, the cost!

There has to be a reasonable solution — something affordable and easy to set up and care for.

And there is.Audien Hearingoffers OTC hearing aids registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Their models support people with mild to moderate hearing loss.

Rated “BEST HEARING AIDS OF 2023” by Forbes, this 5-Star company offers the Atom 2 Series which includes 2 inexpensive yet powerful devices — the Atom 2 & the Atom Pro 2.

Based on customer feedback from actual users, there are 5 crucial elements that distinguish Audien from other companies. You spoke — and Audien heard you.

Here are 5 reasons why we are recommending Audien:

Sound Quality — The Way You Like It

Audien’s A2 chip features crystal-clear sound. And it cancels background noise and offers 4 versatile listening modes: Conversation, NoisyEnvironment, RoadVehicle, and Outdoor. Switching from one mode to another is hummingbird-fast — just hold down the button.

Ease, speed, and sound clarity mean Audien responds the way you want when you want it.

Affordability — Good Hearing Shouldn’t Cost An Arm And A Leg

By eliminating middlemen like sales reps, doctors and limiting markups, Audien produces top quality at unbeatable prices. Conventional hearing aid options can run $5K and possibly higher. In contrast, Audien’s Atom 2Series includes the Atom 2 ($189) and the Atom Pro 2 ($289) which provide comparable service at a fraction of the cost.

Size — Small & Discreet

Technology has revolutionized the field: super-compact size and modern, contoured design are now the industry standard. Small also means comfortable, and Audien excels there, too. Their hearing aids come with three different ear-tip sizes.

All this means you’ll forget you’re wearing them. And because they’re practically invisible, others will too.

Rechargeability — Bye-Bye, Batteries

Forget the hassle of battery-changing. And the inconvenience of battery-finding, if you’re away from home or the stores are closed. Audien conveniently offers both wired and wireless charging options.

A USB charger ensures that the Atom Pro II is compatible with your other charging devices. Audien’s batteries last 24 hours, so you can spend your time out and about instead of waiting for a battery to charge.

Convenience is the key. And speaking of convenience, the Atom Pro II comes with its own UV-cleaning & charging case. You’ll appreciate how they stay clean automatically.

Money Back Guarantee — And Something Extra...

Audien’s 45-day, 100% money-back guarantee means you’ve got total peace of mind when ordering. If your model doesn’t live up to its description or your expectations, return it within that 45-day window and Audien sends back your money — simplicity itself.

Audien believes so strongly in what it does: it issues a 1-year warranty for defective hearing aids and guarantees a replacement. (The warranty doesn’t include broken, lost, or water-damaged products.)

Final Thoughts

Customer service is readily available via phone, chat, or email. Their help center also offers helpful and informative videos on setting up, wearing, and cleaning your Audien hearing aid.

Depending on your chosen model, Audien’s Atom 2 Series starts at only $189. They’re discreet, exceptionally affordable, and can help amplify speech and reduce background noise, giving you a superb high-quality audio experience.

It’s your life. Audien Hearing’s committed to making sure you don’t miss a word.