How Bombfell's Stylist Surprised Me With Their Excellent Selections

Finding the right clothes has always been irritating. From the sizing and fit to deciding colors that match my look, I find it extremely tedious so I avoid shopping altogether. My older brother lives in LA and has awesome clothes. I've scored some hand-me-downs which are my two favorite pairs of jeans. When I try to shop for myself, I'm lost and end up with jeans that make my legs look like tree trunks. It's hard to know what matches or looks good. I buy a lot of things that just sit in my closet, I never wear them and I'm too lazy to return. Recently, a friend told me about Bombfell, a styling service that curates a box of clothes for you based on your favorite brands and styles.

Really, the only reason I decided to give it a try in the first place was because they offer a 7 day try-on period. Since I'm not committed to buy, I had them send over a whole outfit. I ordered a pair of jeans, sweater, shirt and a blazer to go with it. The ordering process was very simple, it asks you to select your height, weight and style preferences. The really cool part is that you can set your budget by the different categories of clothing. I was looking for staple pieces that I can wear several times a week and they basically had an option for exactly that.

What surprised me is Bombfell pairs you with a stylist- a real person who will find you a wide selection of brands of clothes that actually fit and look good. My stylist sent me snapshots of the clothing before sending out the the box. I didn't like the plaid shirt she picked out because I already have a similar one, so she changed it. I liked that I got to review the box before they sent it out because it saved me a trip to the post office.

The box arrived within a few days, but honestly I had left it at the foot of my dresser until Sunday night. After realizing I hadn't done laundry in the past year...I remembered the box of clothes from Bombfell that I had forgotten about. I desperately needed something to wear the next day, and the clothes actually fit me well. The Howe blazer really made the look by adding a bit of class.The jeans fit great, and I'm glad they had an option for me to opt out of skinny jeans because they never quite fit me right. Sometimes jeans can feel like cardboard tubes wrapped around my leg, it fits the quads but is extremely baggy in the calf. These jeans were fitted yet relaxed in all the right places. I ended up keeping everything but the sweater since the sleeves seemed a tad too long for my short arms.

The first box was enough to convince me that I could rely on their stylists and services to dress well without needing to shop. A couple coworkers complimented my shirt and blazer the next day and that really validated my appreciation for Bombfell. The best part is that I can provide feedback to my stylist after every box so I get clothes that better match my style with each new delivery. Since then, I've ordered 3 more boxes and they've gotten better at predicting my taste every time. It's pretty much become a routine at this point, receiving a box of clothes every 3 to 4 weeks. I genuinely look forward to receiving it each time and it's rewarding to get new gear knowing you wasted no time shopping for them.

Update: Try Bombfell and get stylist-picked menswear for work and $25 off your first purchase. Get Quality clothes, no subscription required, free shipping and returns.

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