How I Got My Balance Back

With The Help of Feals

The 2020 mom burnout is real. Two people working from home, two kids in school, and a heap of homework, cooking, and cleaning is just too much! It's too much.

Every time I try to take a break from taking care of the kids, the pile of dishes I've been putting off haunts my thoughts.

I asked my friends what on Earth they were doing to feel slightly sane, and one suggested CBD. I tried to tell her that I needed something relaxing that I could take while still staying sharp for my kids, but she followed up by saying that CBD doesn't contain the psychoactive effect that's often associated with the plant.

Hmmm. I still wasn't sure, but she told me to try out her favorite brand, Feals. At first glance, I really liked the bottle! It was a lovely orange shade and looked calming, not wild, or clinical.

I decided to seriously consider this. Feals offers 3 strengths of their CBD oil; you can try all 3 in a super affordable $20 Flight (a pack of 3), but honestly, I was okay with just going for the full bottle. I wanted to try the bestseller, which is a 1200 MG bottle.

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I do have a little time in the a.m. for coffee where I take my Vitamin C supplement, so I thought I'd just add it to my daily routine then. (Some people take it once in a while and some take it every day.)

All the CBD stuff I read was kind of vague; experts said it's great for aches and pains or sleeplessness, but they also threw around words like "balanced." What does that even mean?! Whatever that meant, I wanted it.

I saved it for a Sunday evening. The instructions told me to measure out my dose using a dropper —in this case 40 MG — and hold the oil under my tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing. I also could just put it in a drink.

The oil went down smoothly. It had an earthy taste, but I weirdly liked it. After about half an hour of convincing my son, Davis that there were no monsters in the upstairs closet, I began to feel the effects.

"Balanced" was the right word. My shoulders became a little less tense; it was like a signal went off in my entire body to relax a bit. I didn't feel at all weird about taking it; there really wasn't anything psychoactive. Just gentle relaxation.

Feals uses premium U.S. grown hemp and USDA certified organic MCT oil. There are plenty of other hemp brands out there, but Feals stands out for its high-quality natural ingredients, free shipping, and returns, and generous membership discount; if you sign up for monthly deliveries, you get 30% off purchases, along with the ability to pause or cancel at any time.

All of a sudden, with Feals, everything feels a little more manageable. Why was I breaking my back doing the dishes?!

With Feals, I queued up the podcast episode I'd been dying to listen to once I had a free moment. I enjoyed putting away those plates and pans. I felt relaxed and knew that even amongst all the chaos, I could find a little calm.

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