How HelloFresh Helped Our Family Get Back On Track For Back To School

As a mom of two, I’ve been swamped all summer long. With all the kids’ outdoor activities and trips we’ve gone on, the family's eating habits have definitely taken a back seat.

In the summer, finding the time to get creative in the kitchen is hard. Most nights, I’ve been sticking a pizza in the oven or whipping up a quick pasta and getting takeaway when I’m feeling really lazy.

I wanted to get into a routine of making a home-cooked meal every evening, but I didn't know where to start.

Now that it's back-to-school season and between work, school, and after-school activities, I have even less time to shop for ingredients, prepare, and cook a meal every evening. One day my husband suggested we try HelloFresh, saying one of his colleagues highly recommended it.

He convinced me to try it for a week since you can cancel your subscription anytime. You can choose between Mostly Meat, Family-Friendly, Smart Meals, Vegetarian, Quick & Easy, Pescatarian, High Protein and Flexitarian.

They do a plan for 2 or 4 people, 3-5 recipes a week, with meals starting from $4.63 per serving - we went with Family Friendly for 4 people, 5 nights a week. Then we select our meals from their weekly rotating menu so we’ll always have new things to try.

Our box arrived at our doorstep right on time and I was super excited to test each recipe.

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The ingredients are clearly labelled and all very fresh. I like that HelloFresh makes an effort to be sustainable - even their ice packs are recyclable!

First up was Teriyaki Chicken with Garlic Rice and Bok Choy. I was shocked when I saw that it only takes 30 minutes to cook, but my main concern was whether the kids would enjoy it.

But to my surprise, it was on the table in 30 minutes! And everyone’s plates were clean - even Toby! He’s a fussy eater. Now HelloFresh is officially kid-approved in our house.

As our week went on, I realised how fantastic HelloFresh is. My favourite meal of the week was the Moroccan-Spiced Beef Meatball in Tomato Sauce with Carrots and Couscous, but the kids loved the Loaded Potato ‘Nachos’ with Guacamole and DIY Salsa.

Needless to say, we kept our HelloFresh subscription. I’m amazed at how much time it saves me –it’s been a lifesaver. It’s also saved us a lot of money, considering what we spent on takeaway over the summer! HelloFresh has really helped us re-establish our healthy mealtime routine just in time for the school year.

HelloFresh meals are delicious and wholesome, but most of all HelloFresh allows for some quality family time as our schedule fills up this fall. Amid the chaos, it gives us time to sit together around the table and catch up on our day. If you’re looking for a way to cook more home-cooked meals, try HelloFresh.

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