How I Got Back Into Shape Just 4 Weeks Before My Wedding Day

Four months before my wedding, I realized I spent so much time picking out flowers, coordinating the caterer and taste-testing cakes, that I barely focused on fitting into my dress! While there are plenty of gyms that offer workout programs to help brides-to-be get into shape, with my hectic schedule I wasn't able to make it to the classes consistently. I hated wasting money when I missed a pre-paid class. But not as much as I hated the idea of looking like a cream puff because I stress-ate too many. The goal was for my fiancé and I to lose 10 pounds before the big day, and while it didn't take much for him to shed the pounds (seriously, all he had to do was switch to diet soda, so unfair!), I still needed to find a plan that worked for me. I have a tendency to lean more towards Cinnabon than marathon, so I knew I'd need a structured workout to keep me accountable, but I also needed it to work around my schedule. After asking around, I started to hear some really positive reviews of Aaptiv, an audio-guided fitness app with access to tons of workouts led by certified fitness trainers. With little time to lose, I decided to give it a try.

Aaptiv is great for those of us who work best with structured workouts, either in boutique classes or with a personal trainer, but don't have the time to commit to attending classes. With Aaptiv, you have access to unlimited workouts, each with motivating audio instructions and amazing curated playlists; and you can access all of them right from your smartphone. I was immediately drawn to training programs like boxing, running a 5K, strength training, and dozens of others. Knowing I could get a daily workout in no matter what my day looked like was also a huge relief, since I already had plenty of appointments and dates to worry about. I was even excited to blow off some of my pre-wedding stress (I love imagining a punching bag is my pushy wedding planner).

When I downloaded the app, Aaptiv recommended a 4-week program called Total Body Training, which includes body strength training as well as cardio. I committed to starting the program that very day, and even though I couldn't make it home from work until 9 pm, I was thrilled that it didn't matter -- I could start whenever I wanted to! After weeks of running around making sure our wedding guests would be accommodated, it felt great to do something for me. The workout was super engaging and easy to follow, and I absolutely loved the music - 30 minutes ended up flying by. After just a week of sticking to the program and a clean diet, I felt great. Mid-way through, I noticed I lost a few pounds and looked more toned. I could hardly wait for my final dress fitting -- a phrase I never thought I'd say before Aaptiv.

Thanks to Aaptiv, I was able to meet my weight loss goal of 10 pounds in time for the wedding and I love the way I ended up looking and feeling in my dress. I've been able to keep up with a workout routine and even though the wedding has come and gone (can you say honeymoon bikini body?), I haven't been this committed to my personal health and fitness in years. I'm totally in love with the variety of the workouts and how easy it is to stay motivated even with a busy schedule. The best part is that Aaptiv is completely affordable. At $14.99/month, it costs way less than other popular bridal weight-loss programs, with the added bonus of being sustainable beyond the big day. Brides: if you lost track of time like I did, don't panic! Aaptiv is all you need.

Update 01/08/19: Get the body you've always wanted in 2019 - try Aaptiv. Unsure? Follow this link to sign up online and get the first week of Aaptiv FREE!

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