How I Regained Control of My Health with a Simple Shake

AdvertisementIn college, I was always interested in the latest health food trends. But then, things started to change. As my job got more time-consuming and after I had kids, I found myself lacking the energy I had when I was younger. I would drink cup after cup of coffee and would often skip meals to get in extra work. But in reality, I was becoming less productive and putting on weight instead. I would take solace in quick preservative-rich snacks, but ended up feeling dull and bloated. So I started doing some research on a convenient way to manage my diet and be healthy like I used to.

After consulting a bunch of diet plans on the web, I was overwhelmed by the rules. Points, calorie-tracking, and starving myself seemed like another full-time job. I was looking for something that I wouldn't have to think about. I had tried diet shakes in the past but they always tasted chalky and were full of questionable and unpronounceable ingredients. I mentioned my struggles to my coworkers and one of them told me about a new program called Shake360.

It sounded like an easy way to get all the nutrients and probiotics I needed, so I decided to give it a shot. I started Shake360 with a yummy Chocolate shake for breakfast on my first day. The program is as simple as whipping up one shake a day -- just pour a powder and blend with water and ice or additions from one of the delicious recipes from the recipes book. When I got home from work the next day, I had a tasty Vanilla Berry shake with fresh berries on top. The program is definitely helping me take a step in the right direction towards a healthier lifestyle.

Since I started Shake360, I've found myself able to concentrate more on work and my kids because I was full all day. My mind is no longer on food, but on the things I need to get done. They're especially good for a boost of energy right when I get home from work or before I head out to the gym (yes, I go to the gym now, too). The shakes are packed with plant-based protein, antioxidants, greens, and are only 170 calories. And I was pleased to see not a single unpronounceable or artificial ingredient on the labels.

Overall, I got everything in one from Shake360. A short-term boost and a long term weight management system. I developed better eating habits along the way. I also stopped feeling bloated and back to my old self again. I've closed the door on my junk food cabinet for the better. Now, I look forward to my shakes every day.

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