How LemonKind Helped Me Regain My Flat-Tummy Confidence

When my husband and I divorced, I was so worried about how I would fare as a newly single mom that I channeled every ounce of my energy into the kids. I spent all my time taking care of everyone else that I stopped taking care of myself. In 2019, that's all changing. Hitting the big 4-0 was a wake-up call, not because I think there is anything wrong with the age, but because I found myself asking: "How did that happen?".

That is when I realized time sure isn't stopping so why should I? It was time I finally started living my life. My kids are also older now, so it was my daughter who pushed me to take more "me" time, and yes, that includes getting back on the dating train. But before I signed up for apps (a lot has changed since I last dated!), I wanted to get back to the old me, the more confident me.

I figured I would start by trying to reset my eating habits and pay attention to what goes into my body. I noticed one mom from my Facebook parenting group shared that the Super Detox Me juice cleanses by Lemonkind is her secret to jumpstarting her metabolism and resetting her body before starting on all her health kicks and diets. After reading their website, it turns out Lemonkind's fresh-pressed natural juices are blends of superfoods and are all vegan, gluten-free and free of pesticides and preservatives.

I've always heard about juice cleanses but never thought I'd try one. After reading about how amazing the mom's experience with Lemonkind was, I decided why not? This juice cleanse would be the official start of my health-conscious lifestyle, so I ordered Lemonkind's 3-day cleanse (retails for $139.99 but the one-day cleanse is only $49) and before I knew it, it was at my doorstep.

For 3 days, I drank 8 juices a day every 2 hours. Each juice was taken at a specific time and designed to maximize its benefits. One thing that surprised me was how tasty the juices were and how they kept my hunger at bay without leaving me feeling tired or groggy like some smoothies do.

The juices are infused with all kinds of nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables like carrots, blueberries, Aronia berries, and botanical extracts like chlorella, acerola and curcumin-rich turmeric. Beats having to take a billion pills, which would be the only other way to ingest all these superfoods at once. The addition of so many nutrients to my diet made me feel so much better. I felt more energized, less bloated, and just overall happy that I was treating myself to something not only nutritious and healthy but delicious as well. The juices also had unique, empowering names like Vibrance, Awareness, and Transformation--words that resonated with me and represented what the cleanse meant for me and my health journey.

Because the juices tasted so good, I had no trouble sticking to the Lemonkind cleanse. By the end of the third day, I felt so much better mentally and physically and was sleeping better than I had in years. In a way, it is a new lifestyle, a better lifestyle, and I'm confident that I'll be cleansing with them again soon. Thanks to Lemonkind, I'm ready to re-tackle the dating scene with my flat-tummy confidence and positive energy.

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