How Lull Helps Moms Get The Sleep They Need

Any mom knows parenting is exhausting for countless reasons: just getting the kids out the door in the morning without missing the bus can feel like a battlefield, and I'm dodging temper tantrums like bullets. But those battles don't end when the sun goes down.

My eight-year-old Justin could never get to sleep and would end up crawling into bed with me and my husband a couple of hours after we tucked him in every night. With three in a bed, plus my husband's supersonic snoring waking both of us up in the middle of the night, I wasn't getting the sleep I needed to be the supermom I had to be.

I started losing the morning battle and was even snapping at my husband before he went to work. Something had to change to fix our rough nights, for my whole family's sake.

I did some online research, and it seemed like a lot of parents had similar problems to mine. A lot of them said that switching to a larger mattress with foam layers helped, so I looked into some foam mattress alternatives to our old spring bed.

After reading a ton of reviews, Lull looked like the best option. Lull is a bed-in-a-box delivery mattress with three layers of foam designed to be soft and comfy while providing all the firm support you need, too.

They seemed to have everything you could want in a mattress, including moisture wicking layers to keep you cool so your body can reach the perfect temperature for sleep. Plus, I wouldn't have to go to the mattress store, which honestly seemed like a hassle to arrange (I can just imagine Justin jumping up and down on all the sample mattresses). When I saw that Lull had a 100-night free trial, I figured there was nothing to lose and ordered a King.

When the Lull arrived, I was really impressed with how compact the box was. I was able to get it up the stairs to the kids' room without my husband's help. Justin had a blast opening the box with me and watching as the mattresses expanded to its full size right before his eyes! Then it came time for the sleep test.

Justin crawled into bed with us as usual, but having more room made all the difference in the world, and I didn't feel as crowded or wake up being kicked in the middle of the night. Plus, the foam layers were so comfortable that I started falling asleep much faster, and sometimes barely woke up when Justin came in, instead of being up for an hour unable to get back to sleep.

Even after Justin broke his habit and was able to sleep in his own bed, the Lull has been amazing for us as a couple. The layers stop motion transfer, so if my husband has to get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, I don't feel a thing.

Plus, it really is the perfect balance of firm and plush, so I fall asleep faster. I swear my husband snores less because of the spinal support, but I'm also staying asleep longer than I used to, so maybe I'm just snoozing through the snores.

Mornings are still a battle, but when I get a good night's sleep I feel like I have the armor I need to fight and win. Lull has transformed my family's sleep, and there have been a lot more winning mornings because of it.

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