How Madefor's Personalized Vitamins Have Helped Me Stay Healthy As I Get Older

In the years since I turned 60, I've noticed a huge difference in my health. I feel like I'm going to see the doctor almost every week with a new cold or infection, and I get tired so much more easily than I used to. When my daughter suggested I take vitamins, I thought they'd never work. I was resigned to feeling bad forever, which really got me down. She insisted that I look into supplements, so at my next appointment I asked the doctor what he thought about vitamins. He said that having the right balance of nutrients is essential to maintaining good health and that taking supplements is a good way to get the nutrients I'm not getting from my meals, the sun, etc. I was surprised! Before talking to my doctor, I really thought that vitamins were all hype and no results. So I went on the internet and did some research to figure out what I should be taking.

It turns out that older people need different nutrients to support our bodies as we age. But there were so many options out there that I felt overwhelmed; how was I supposed to know what was right for me? That's when I found MadeFor, a subscription that creates a custom mix of vitamin and nutrient supplements based on your needs, then delivers them to your door every month in daily packs that make tracking your vitamins easy.

I took their online survey to help MadeFor decide what supplements to recommend for my lifestyle. It included questions about my age, diet, how much I sleep, and what kinds of medications I'm taking. I'm taking thyroid medication and cholesterol-lowering medication, and it was a relief to know that MadeFor wouldn't send me anything that would interfere with my prescriptions. Then they asked about my health goals, what I was hoping to get from vitamins. I picked boosted energy, immune health, bone strength, and mobility. Since I turned 60, I've noticed that I get tired more often, and I get sick more easily, so I was hoping supplements could help energize me and boost my immune system naturally.

Then, MadeFor showed me my custom mix!

Some of the names, like Vitamin C, were familiar. But other suggestions I had never heard of before, like Astaxanthin. I loved that they outlined what each supplement was, where it came from, and most importantly, why they suggested it for me. Vitamin C promotes bone strength, so they suggested the supplement for me to help with mobility.

Astaxanthin, though? It turns out that the supplement is an alga called the "king of antioxidants" because studies show its ability to fight free radicals outpaces all other vitamins available. So it's the best thing you can take to boost your immune system and protect yourself against colds, the flu, and infections. I'm so glad MadeFor recommended it because if I was picking out vitamins by myself, I would never try something I wasn't already familiar with! Plus they gave me info about dosage, where it's sourced, and more, so I felt really safe trying something new.

MadeFor made the entire process really simple. I love that they have a prescription, so I never have to worry about running out or making trips to the corner store. I've been taking the supplements for a few months now, and I have to say I'm seeing a real difference. I don't feel exhausted by the end of the workday, and the cold that's been coming and going for months finally left for good. I think that the natural increase in my energy levels has made the biggest difference in my life. When I have enough energy, getting through the day doesn't seem like a chore and my mood lifts, which really improves my relationships and quality of life. It seems like my daughter was right, vitamins can make a huge difference if you're feeling your age.

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