How MyKeto Helped Me Prep For The Big Day

When my fiancé suggested that we try a low-carb keto diet to get in shape for our wedding, I was all on board to look my best, but unsure of how well I'd fare giving up bread. While I eat pretty healthily, I'm not one of those super disciplined people who watch every morsel I eat. I didn't want to feel like a total failure prepping for one of the best days of our lives, and this fear intensified after I learned all about the "keto flu" -- the natural reaction your body has to survive on fewer carbs (side effects include headaches, fatigue, the whole shebang). I wasn't confident that I could overcome it! So, when my fiancé's trainer at the gym told him about MyKeto ketones supplement, a flavored powder that helps you get over the keto flu faster, I was still hesitant but at least willing to learn more.

I'm not incredibly well-versed in special diets, so I had to do a fair amount of research on the benefits of a keto diet. Weight loss, increased energy, better sleep, and no more blood sugar spikes all sounded great, but these benefits only kick in once your body gets into ketosis (the stage where you've consumed so few carbs that your body begins to burn fat instead)—and getting into ketosis involves, you guessed it, the keto flu. Could a powder help make the journey to ketosis less unpleasant?

When my fiancé's first order of MyKeto arrived—in both chocolate fudge and orange for some variety—we had already gotten rid of most carbs in our pantry. But I was still far from being mentally or physically prepared. To ease into the diet and help me get in the zone, I started my first day with a MyKeto chocolate fudge shake. Everything was super easy to prep—you mix a scoop of the powder with water or a low-sugar beverage like almond milk—and tasted great too. I was nervous I would cave into my lunchtime Chipotle craving, but the shake kept me full and away from carbs! That's when my opinion of keto began to shift.

I started drinking MyKeto every morning as part of a breakfast shake, and with its help, I found I didn't have any problems sticking to the keto dietary restrictions. After just two weeks of maintaining a keto diet, I started to see significant changes. Not only had I lost some weight around my midsection, but I was always full of energy and had fewer digestion issues. I was pretty blown away by the results--it was like being the best version of myself all the time. I hit a small snag on my birthday when I slipped and treated myself to an oversized cupcake. I knew I'd wake up regretting it—the frosting gave me an instant headache—but I wasn't discouraged since I knew I could self-regulate with MyKeto rather than fall off the bandwagon. All I had to do was drink a MyKeto shake the next morning, and I could jump right back into ketosis instead of spending a week fighting the keto flu.

Both my fiancé and I saw amazing results a few weeks before the wedding, and we even vowed to stick to the keto diet beyond the big day. I got my wedding dress taken in two inches and looked amazing in the photos. I'm now a total believer in the health benefits of the keto diet, but I wouldn't have been able to stay motivated (even after some slip-ups) without the help of MyKeto. Experiencing ketosis changed my life, and I can only thank MyKeto for helping me get there faster, easier, and with better results.

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