How To Avoid Getting Sick This Summer

A lot of us assume that people have less of a chance of getting sick in the summer. We're outside more, and therefore aren't cramped in close quarters with our sneezing peers. We also exercise more, breathe fresh air, don't get the sniffles, and drink more water. Even if all this might be true, the heat is still dangerous. Here's what you need to know to avoid getting sick this summer.

Take a break.

If you're outside for a long period of time, take a break with a refreshing dip in the pool. If you don't have a pool, splash your face with water. This will help make you feel cool and relaxed.

Have regular checkups.

Athletes have regular checkups in the summer to make sure they're able to be at peak performance. But even if you're not an athlete, it's still a good idea to get checked out once in awhile this summer.

Don't overdo it with physical activity.

You may want to swim and bike and hike and parachute, but if you've stayed inactive all winter and spring-long, it's better to ease into it. No shock to the system is good in the long term. Make sure your body can handle it and warm up to summer.

Trust the buddy system.

It's a good idea never to be alone when you're out, but especially in the summer. A buddy will make sure you're not going to pass out. They'll be able to get you water if you're dehydrated or a snack if you're hangry.

Water is better.

You might be tempted to try every new seasonal drink at your favorite coffee place, but coffee is very dehydrating. Water is the best way to keep you where you need to be.

Get your sleep.

Summer encourages us to stay out late enjoying the extra hours of daylight, but this doesn't mean we have to stay up all night. Being well-rested is incredibly important to maintaining health and our immune systems.

Wash up.

After all of your outdoor activities, know that germs are still alive and thriving in the summer. So do us a favor and when in doubt, wash your hands.

Know your allergies.

Summer brings out a whole bunch of new allergens that can be very irritating. Be aware of what you're allergic to and avoid being outside when there's reports of high pollen, or ragweed, or what have you.

We at TrueSelf want to make sure you have a fun (and healthy!) summer. Enjoy it while it lasts!

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