How to get rid of belly bloat

There's nothing worse when you're feeling fit but no matter what you do, you've got a bloated belly. Even if you think you're eating right and being physically active, no one feels comfortable when their belly feels like it's ready to bust.

There are a variety of reasons one may experience belly bloat – from diet to "that time of the month" to eating habits and more – but these belly bloat busters will have you not only feeling better, but looking better too. Say goodbye to belly bloat for good and welcome the new you!

1. Say Yes to Yogurt

Unless you're lactose intolerant, eating yogurt is a great choice for banishing bloat. As per Keri Glassman Nutritious Life, "Regardless of choosing whole-fat or low-fat yogurt, yogurt gives you a dose of beneficial bacteria, which helps keep your digestion efficient."

Fitness Magazine adds, "Check labels to find one that contains bifidobacteria. Some studies show that these bacteria can reduce flatulence and bloating." Activia and Fage Total Greek Yogurt both contain bifidobacteria, so try one of those brands the next time you head to the grocery store.

Not only will you find yourself less bloated, but you'll get a nice serving of bone-protecting calcium as well as muscle-building protein.

2. Bite a Banana

Not only are bananas nutritious and delicious, but they're the perfect fruit for relieving bloating. As per Health, "Foods rich in potassium like bananas prevent water retention by regulating sodium levels in your body and can thus reduce salt-induced bloating. Bananas also have soluble fiber, which can relieve or prevent constipation."

Along with the potassium-rich banana, Fitness Magazine also suggests tomatoes, mushrooms, dark leafy greens, and salmon which are also high in potassium and will reduce bloat similarly.

3. Take Time to Dine

Eating too quickly, no matter the meal, can cause unnecessary and uncomfortable bloating. As per Eat This, Not That, "Eating too quickly causes you to swallow excess air, which can lead to uncomfortable gas and bloating. Slowing down and chewing with your mouth closed, on the other hand, can have the opposite effect."

Another perk is that you'll better enjoy the meal and your body will have time to realize when it's full before you've overeaten. WebMDnotes, "Your meals should last at least 30 minutes."

4. Forgo the Gum

Chewing gum may be a habit or a way to keep your breath fresh or mouth occupied, but as per WebMD, "Chewing gum can also lead to swallowing air, which can cause bloating."

Not only can this cause pain in the abdomen, but as per Mercola, "It can contribute to abdominal pain and bloating seen with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)."

As recommended by Livestrong, "Avoid chewing gum if you are prone to bloating. When you swallow air, the nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide enter your small intestines, placing pressure on the abdomen and surrounding areas. Digestive gases mix with the swallowed air, causing increased pressure."

Opt for a hard candy or a mint if you've got a hankering for a piece of gum. Your gut will thank you.

These 4 bloat relievers will have you feeling comfortable in no time. Practice making smart eating choices and the difference will be significant. No more bloat means a happier tummy!

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