How to Know if Marriage Is Right for You

We live in a society surrounded by marriage, and that's a beautiful thing, unless, that is, marriage isn't for you.

But how do you know? Does the fact that one questions it immediately mean they aren't cut out for marriage? Of course not. Marriage is a lifetime commitment, and it's easy to question whether or not that's appealing. Let's discuss some ideas about relationships and marriage as a guide for how to know if marriage is right for you.

Time Honored Traditions

Some couples marry under the pressure of family traditions. On the other hand, some marry because those time-honored traditions mean the world to them, and they'd consider nothing less. Either way, think about the marriage traditions you know and grew up with. Is tradition reason enough to get married? Is it the reason you're seeking marriage? No matter the answer, it's up to you to decide if the answer is reason enough to get married or not.

Marriage Is Practical

Merging expenses and homes is a practical temptation of marriage. Although, for some, it's a feeling of a loss of independence and they may not like the feeling of sharing everything, including schedules and bills.

This practicality is a great reason to marry the one you love if the thought of it brings joy and peace of mind. However, if the thought sends shivers down your spine, and visions of living with someone who knows every penny you spend and where you are every evening is simply terrifying, marriage is probably not for you.

You're in Love

Being in love—it's gotten millions of couples down the aisle. But is it reason enough to get married? That's up to each individual. We do believe though, that being in love doesn't mean you have to get married.

It takes more than that wonderful, head over heels feeling to make a relationship stand the test of time. Falling in love is the easy part. If you're in a relationship, make sure you've got more than feelings going for you before you make a serious plunge. Relationships are a lot of work. One of the ways to know if marriage is right for you is to imagine the powerful feeling of being in love slowly fading away, and see how that makes you feel. Would you stay and take the time to bring the passion back, or prefer to move on?

How Independent Are You?

As we mentioned earlier, marriage is the merging of two lives. For many, that's a dream come true. Even independent individuals find a way to make it work. Still, you know yourself better than anyone. Can you handle that small loss of independence? If the goal is finding someone who understands your need for your own life, not just the shared life, it can certainly work. However, if one wants to merge everything, including what's for breakfast and how each Saturday is scheduled, your independent spirit may lose its mind in marriage.

Marriage is a wonderful union when the decision is made under no pressure and a couple chooses how their marriage will look, with no concern for others' opinions. Just remember, marriage isn't a requirement. Decide what's best for you and enjoy your life on your own terms.

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