How to Leave the Nest For Good


We've all got to do it sooner or later. Whether you're going to college, starting a new job, or starting an adventure abroad, you'll have to leave the nest. Your parents can provide free food and protection for only a certain amount of time before they're tapping their feet wondering when you'll move out. It's a scary transition, but you can do it. Here are some tips on how to fly outside of the nest.

1. Learn how to feed yourself.

Get ready to hit the cook books. Now that you're out of the nest, you'll have to survive on your own. And a huge part of survival is about food. This means going to a grocery store and picking out fruits and veggies. You cannot survive on ramen and processed carbs alone. Here's how.

2. Learn what money is.

Now that you're not living on your parents' dime, you'll have to develop a budget and stick to it. You might want to blow all of your money on going out, but just beware that it has consequences. Here's more on how to make a budget.

3. Learn how to live with new people.

You'll have to stop being a slob, because now there are new strangers living with you. So do your laundry, put your clothes away, and don't leave food out. You don't want to be taking on more roommates (in the form of giant cockroaches.)

4. Don't be alone.

It's important to not spend too much time alone. In any new situation, you have to socialize and make friends. Designate certain nights to go out, and certain others to stay in and watch movies. Don't overexert yourself with new activities that will leave you exhausted during the week, but also don't sleep all day.

5. Don't forget about your family.

Just because you're living on your own doesn't mean you should stop answering your mom's calls. Make your family still feel a part of your life.

6. Take care of yourself.

If you're sick, go to the doctor. Don't neglect your yearly checkups and exams because you don't have your parents telling you that you should really go check out that cavity before all your teeth rot out.

7. Get your work done.

Your parents won't be there to be making sure you complete all of your assignments and study for all of your tests. So create a schedule, manage your time, and get going. Tell a friend and have them hold you accountable. Here's how.

Ready to leave the nest and never come back? We think you have nothing to worry about. There's nothing like moving out to make you appreciate the comfort of the nest. But it's necessary for all of us. Happy moving!

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