How to Walk in Heels Without Breaking Something

We all know the power we feel in a good heel. It elongates the leg, makes an intimidating click anywhere we go, and can stomp out anyone that tries to cross us. But truth is, not all of us are supermodels and heels can be scary for those that are a little clumsy or off-balance. It's kind of like riding a bike without training wheels for the first time. Don't worry -- you too can learn how to walk in heels with supermodel confidence, and without breaking every bone in your body. Here's how.

1. Patience is a virtue.

You're not running a marathon in heels (or if you are, you go girl). Take your time. Leave yourself a little extra wiggle room between appointments (or parties!), so you don't end up falling on your face.

2. Remember to walk heel-toe.

The cadence of the heel-toe is the best way to walk in heels. No need to stomp, unless you're feeling particularly angry. Then, it's totally appropriate.

4. Put one foot in front of the other.

Keep a short stride. You'll need to take extra steps in order to go where you want to go, but it's worth it. This will help keep you balanced and focused on each step.

5. Don't look down.

Same deal for skydiving. You don't have to look down at every step you take. This will look weird. Make sure you look up and have good posture so you will not lean forward and fall down.

6. Stay in the shoe.

If your shoe is too big or too small, you'll have a very hard time walking. If you have some room and your heel is slipping out, add a shoe pad. You can also arch your foot to help maintain traction in the shoe.

7. Try to go shorter.

You don't need 7-inch heels to feel powerful. Kitten heels are still cool, and so are 3-inchers. You'll still get that extra height without the extra pain.

8. Don't wear them everyday.

Give your poor feet a break. Heels put a lot of pressure on your feet, and can cause some real problems if worn too often. (Your stinky sneakers were feeling left out, anyway.)

9. Avoid obstacles.

No need to jump through hoops. Make sure you glance down every so often to avoid cracks in the street, sewer grates, or other places where your heel can get caught (and send you flying).

10. Use that core.

Core strength equates to balance. All of those crunches were worth something.

11. Work it.

Heels are all about confidence, so put your best foot forward. Even if you feel uncomfortable, pretend you're a super star. This will go a long way.

Ready to take to the catwalk? We think so. Just make sure to take care of those blisters.

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