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People Are Loving Hubble’s Daily Contacts Lenses. Here’s Why

If you find using contacts a huge chore, you're not alone: nearly 45 million people in the U.S. wear contacts. That's 45 million people who deal with expensive costs, the constant risk of running out of lenses, and the downsides that can come with overwearing lenses. Thankfully, Hubble has streamlined the process to make the contacts experience way better. A monthly $36 subscription sends prescription lenses right to your door and for just over $1 a day, you get daily lenses.

Here are 3 reasons contact lens wearers will love the change to Hubble.

Hate Only Having One Pair?

Monthlies used to be the ideal contacts, but dailies are getting more popular. There's no upkeep, and it can be more sanitary since you don't have to worry about swapping out your saline solutions, or bacteria building up. There's also that end-of-month ache. Stretching expensive contacts past their breaking point because you ripped a pair or can't pay for more is not a great way to treat your eyes. Hubble contacts are optimized for daily use with FDA-approved methafilcon A hydrogel material, UV protection, and a design that makes them easy to put in.

Want To Give Contacts A Try?

Glasses are great, but they can get in the way when working out or clashing with a fancy event gown or tux. If you're taking the contacts plunge, Hubble is the perfect way to complete your look. Your first 15 pairs are free with shipping, so you have over two weeks when you get started. Also if you love your glasses, you can arrange how often your deliveries arrive, if you're not an every-day wearer.

Tired Of Worrying?

Once you have your Hubble prescription, you're good to go. Hubble will confirm your prescription with your eye doctor, so you'll get the lenses you need. With no more contact lens solution and at such an affordable price, you could be saving money, and they refill automatically, so you don't need to worry about keeping track of how many lenses you have left.

Daily contacts from Hubble could be the answer to your eye woes. With a new shipment of daily lenses every month, you'll be able to stop focusing on that giant E and start focusing on whatever's in front of you.

Get Your Contacts: Take this quiz to earn your first two weeks FREE (just $1 S+H)