How Hundred's Personalized Vitamins Can Help You Stick To A Diet

Giving your body the correct balance of nutrients is the key

Dario Galbiati Alborghetti, the Founder, and CEO of hundred realized there was a lack of transparency and innovation in the vitamin industry, so he set about changing it with hundred's monthly subscription service for personalized vitamin mixes tailored to your health goals.

Hundred is different from other vitamin brands for many reasons. Firstly, it only gives you what you actually need. Take their 5-minute quiz and they will give you your personalized mixture of vitamins, minerals, herbs and specialties supplements based on your answers. All their plans are designed by Nutrition Experts, with ongoing support and online chat service from your nutrition expert.

Hundred offers an extra level of transparency with their rigorous quality testing, that other vitamins don't have. They carry out quality checks on their whole process to ensure their products are beyond safe and effective - All the vitamins are non-GMO, gluten-free and tested for microbiology, heavy metals, and pesticides.

They also ensure their vitamins are the most efficacious by optimizing the capsule technology, formulas, and dosages to increase the bioavailability. Plus your daily vitamins come pre-portioned in daily packs with your name on them so that they are ready and can be easily transported anywhere.

One very important factor that hundred takes into consideration is your diet. They can alter your vitamins to complement and supplement your diet. Curious about how this works? Here are the experiences of a Keto, Paleo, and Plant-based dieters with hundred.

Tamara, Ketogenic Diet: "After a year of doing keto on and off, I felt I needed an extra boost with my energy, I'd heard about hundred and thought I would give it a try. After taking their quiz I was confident they had done their research and would know exactly what to give me. They recommended; I take CLA a fatty acid and MACA a super herb to boost my energy along with their Pre/Probiotic to substitute for probiotic foods I was lacking from my ketogenic diet. It ensures I have a healthy microbiome along with supporting better digestion, better mood, and stronger immune function.

Two months into taking my vitamins and I definitely feel less tired and have more energy throughout my day. And let's just say my gut is definitely feeling better".

James, Paleo Diet: "Everyone in my gym was on the paleo diet so I decided to try it It was hard to get used to, but eventually, I started to see great results. One of my buddies at the gym told me about the importance of customized vitamins, especially when you're on a new diet. I checked out the brand he was taking,hundred, curious about what they would recommend for me.

I was intrigued at the 3 vitamins they suggested for my plan; The Heart Helper full of garlic, as cardiac disease runs in my family, The Gut Goodness with their pre/probiotic to help with my digestion on my paleo diet, and the Cell Booster with the COQ10 antioxidant to help with my heart".

Before taking the hundred quiz I would've never known what vitamins I should be taking, but now I know exactly what my body needs".

Amelia, Plant-based; "I grew up as vegetarian and made the transition to plant-based about 5, maybe 6 years ago. Recently I was low in energy, having digestive problems, and feeling more stressed. I remember when I was a kid my Mom would always give us vitamins, so I found hundred and thought their personalized vitamins were exactly what I needed.

I now take the Pre/probiotic Gut Goodness, COQ10 to help with my skin and signs of aging along with their Stress Buster Ashwagandha. I love taking these vitamins every day and feel so much better being on them. The quarterly check-ups and the online chat are great for all my questions!

No matter what your dietary requirements are, hundred has the perfect mix of vitamins to help you reach all your health goals. With each vitamin starting at less than $1 a day, their monthly subscription is easy and great value for better health and wellness.

Update: Hundred has a limited time special offer for our readers: Get 20% OFF Your First Box With Code: HUNDRED20

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