Why I Choose Moon Juice’s Magnesi-Om Over Other Magnesium Supplements

Editor’s Note: I started taking magnesium supplements to improve my sleep and mood. But unfortunately, I couldn’t feel a difference. I switched to Moon Juice’s Magnesi-Om, and everything changed.

My Experience With Magnesium Supplements Before Moon Juice

I used to have trouble sleeping for years. I would wake up several times at night and lie awake for hours. As a result, I was exhausted during the day. I lacked energy and couldn’t focus on even the simplest tasks, which also affected my performance at work. It got to a point where I had to do something.

After looking around for a while, I read that magnesium activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for making us feel calm and relaxed, and can therefore help with insomnia. Yay, I thought I had found the solution.

I was so excited that I ordered the first magnesium supplement that popped up online: Life Extension’s Calm-Mag. I took it for several months, but without success. Since the pills were pretty cheap, I thought they were probably poor quality. Maybe I had to invest in more expensive supplements to feel the results.

A deeper look brought me to BiOptimizers’ Magnesium Breakthrough – advertised as the best supplement for sleep. I took it for several weeks and found my sleep slightly improving. However, I then started feeling anxious and just irritable, so I quit for three days and noticed I felt better. I was devastated.

While desperately searching for another solution, I discovered that powder-form supplements are way more effective than pills . Moon Juice is one of the only supplements that I could find in powder form, so I checked it out. And the rest is history…

My Experience With Moon Juice’s Magnesi-Om

Moon Juice’s Magnesi-Om comes in powder form – meditation you can sip – which is sooo much easier. And it means I don’t have to swallow pills.

I had no idea that magnesium pills require your stomach acid to ionize the mineral, which makes it incredibly difficult to absorb, so powder is the better choice. That explains why those other supplements didn’t work for me! Their ingredients are bioactive and bioavailable, so the body absorbs them more quickly, which lets me feel the effects quicker.

With Moon Juice, I can choose from two fruity flavors; Berry and Blue Lemon. Both taste delicious – it sounds silly but I look forward to sipping my little magnesium drink daily. I just mix one tablespoon with water and enjoy it whenever I need to chill.

Magnesi-Om is the only supplement that works for me. It makes me feel incredibly calm and improves my mood almost instantly. It also supports healthy cognitive aging, brain function, and a healthy bowel movement. I definitely feel less bloated since I started taking it consistently.

Another big difference is that Magnesi-Om includes L-Theanine, which promotes alpha waves that are typically produced during meditation. So the supplement doesn’t just knock you out like many sleep supplements do. Instead, it produces a focused, calm feeling.

I love that Moon Juice has a holistic approach when it comes to all of their products. Everything is vegan, clean, and non-GMO, with highly focused attention on the sourcing of their ingredients. Not to mention that they go through rigorous third-party testing to ensure they hit the mark – unlike other supplements I tried in the past.

Final Thoughts

Since taking Moon Juice’s Magnesi-Om, I feel sooo much better. I could finally fall asleep and stay asleep. Even my digestive health improved a lot and I had more energy during the day.

They also offer a fantastic subscription model, which saves you 10% + free shipping and ensures you never run out!

If you’re looking for magnesium powder that tastes delicious and works, try Magnesi-Om and thank me later 😌

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