I Tried Honeylove. Here’s My Four Week Review

With life approaching back to normal, I’ve been socializing a lot more recently. Although I’m an outgoing person, I’m just not feeling super confident.

After two years of living in sweats, I’m definitely not feeling my best. I’m used to being super comfortable in my own skin, but I didn’t feel sexy at all trying on my favorite cocktail dress after all this time.

I picked up some bargain shapewear in the hopes it would help make my dresses more flattering, but when I tried them on… they barely made a difference and kept rolling down.

After that, I tried to invest in expensive, big-brand shapewear but they were way too uncomfortable and didn’t shape me in the right places. I had lost all faith until my friend recommended Honeylove. She mentioned Honeylove specializes in Sculptwear and swore it was the next level of support and comfort I’d been searching for.

At first, I felt a bit defeated, but when I saw how good they made my friend look I reconsidered. I decided to order the SuperPower Short to test them out and lo and behold, I haven’t looked back since.

Here is my 4-week journey with Honeylove:

Week One

After my experience with shapewear, I didn’t want to get my hopes up, but when I first tried on Honeylove’s SuperPower Short I was shocked. They were comfortable and sculpted me in all the right places. These were nothing like the other granny Spanx I’d tried – I felt sexy. I put a jumpsuit over them and instantly felt ready to go out! Honeylove is a game-changer.

That week I wore my SuperPower Shorts to the office. I couldn’t believe how comfortable they are to wear all day long - and yes that includes sitting down without any painful digging in my sides. I felt super confident and delivered a boss presentation, and I have to give some of the credit to my Honeylove!

Week Two

After the success of the SuperPower Shorts I knew I wanted to see what else Honeylove had to offer. I had a big night coming up – my best friend's engagement party. I knew what dress I wanted to wear – my high neck bodycon mini dress – but the SuperPower Shorts would be too long for it, so I went back to Honeylove to find something better suited.

That’s when I noticed that you get a 20% discount when you add a second item at checkout, so I went nuts and ordered the Liftwear Cami for my dress, the Cross Over Bra, and the EverReady Pant.

Week Three

My Honeylove order arrived right on time and the first thing I did was try on the Liftwear Cami under my party dress, and WOW. This Cami is magic – it’s wire free but provides bonded support, so I don’t have to wear an uncomfortable bra that causes bulges around my back. It definitely compresses my tummy area too, which is exactly what I was looking for.

I went to the engagement party and felt super confident again. It was such a fun night. It's the most comfortable I’ve felt on a night out since I can remember – because I looked great and I didn’t have a bra on!

Week Four

The first time I tried on the Crossover Bra I was in shock. It gave me so much support, yet it didn’t dig into me like every single other bra I owned. I didn’t want to take off this bra, which was definitely a first! After trying it on I immediately ordered another so I can wear it every day.

I wore it pretty much every day this week so I definitely wanted to stock up. Like the Cami, it’s wire-free, offers bonded support, and has adjustable straps, but it also has mesh details that make it feel super sexy!

The EverReady Pants are so versatile. I wear them to work a couple of times with a shirt. Their stretchy waistband makes them super comfortable for everyday wear. They offer subtle sculpting, with a tummy shaping panel which gave me a confidence boost. On Friday, I added a pair of strappy sandals and a nice top and I was ready to go out!

Honeylove has given me the confidence boost that I needed. Whenever I step out of the house, whether I’m going to work or going out, I feel sexy, confident, and comfortable in my own skin, all thanks to Honeylove. Check them out – you can thank me later!

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