I Tried Nurx. Here's What Happened.

Moving was so exciting for me, even with all the pain-in-the-butt tasks. Changing my address, drivers' license, etc., was all expected to be annoying, but when I finally found an OB/GYN nearby that took my insurance, I couldn't get an appointment for 3 months.

I asked them to call me if anything opened up, cause I wanted to start birth control again. I was on the pill in college, and stopped when I graduated, but with some life changes, I thought it'd be smart to be on it (my hormonal acne was also flaring up).

I really hated not having easy access to birth control. I was so frustrated I mentioned to my friend that I wished it was available in vending machines, and after she agreed, she asked if I'd looked into NURX. She knew someone who used it and was a fan.

Nurx is an online platform where you can get prescribed birth control, and have it delivered. That would be perfect, but I wanted to talk to a doctor first, about all the different options and potential side effects. She said she thought a consultation was part of it, so I decided to look it up.

They offer birth control, along with other medications and prescriptions. You fill out your medical information, talk to a medical professional, and then get your new prescription delivered.

I doubted they took my insurance, though; I'd been let down by another website before. From combing through the Nurx site, I figured out that they do take insurance! My birth control would be free and I would only be paying a $15 fee for my consultation with a provider. That wasn't too bad.

Even without insurance, it looked pretty affordable.

Then, they'd ship it in 3 month packs to my doorstep in simple, discreet packaging.

I grabbed my insurance card number from my insurance provider's site, and sat down to fill out my medical history. There are 17 different questions to determine what's best and safe for you, which sounded like too many, but I found it to be really thorough, and it took me less than ten minutes to complete. Although I wanted a pill, they also offered patches and rings, and asked if I was looking to skip my periods, if I smoked, and what my overall health looked like.

Then, I was on a waiting list to communicate with a provider, which made me feel like it would take forever, but it's always within 48 hours and mine happened to be very quick.

My provider narrowed down my options, based on the last birth control I'd taken and how it had affected me, and after discussing all the potential side effects (including the reduction of acne…), I was content with my choice!

Soon after, it was shipped right to my door. I waited to start on Sunday, and so far, I'm super happy with it.

Nurx honestly is the most accessible way to get birth control. Your medical history and wants and needs are taken into account, they try to prescribe generic so it's free or inexpensive, but still great quality, and doorstep delivery means no waiting in line at the pharmacy after work.

I'm thrilled to get my birth control from Nurx; every menstruating person needs to know about this option.

Update: Pay just $15 for your online medical consultation and get unlimited access to providers for a year for follow-up questions and advice. Follow this link to get started with a quick questionnaire.

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