I Tried OneSkin. Here’s What Happened.

I’m the first to admit that I get botox. I don’t love the decision, but I was looking for a solution for the wrinkles that inevitably come with age. The invasive injections were only a temporary fix, and, in all honesty, gathering up the courage to face my fear of needles was taking its toll.

So how did I ditch botox? Not easy - but after a ton of research, I found OneSkin. Here’s what happened:

Over the last year, I’ve made a major effort to care for my skin. I wasn’t as diligent with my routine in my younger years, and now I’m starting to see the effects - nothing too bad but some fine lines are making their debut.

I’ve gone through the basics: applying SPF daily (no matter how sunny it is), moisturizing, and face masks. I can’t go into a drug store these days without seeing several new products in the skincare aisle. It’s all getting to be too much, truth to be told.

I’m getting overwhelmed with my skincare routine between the treatments, pricey injections, retinol creams, and serums. What happened to regimens that were three steps or less? I miss the days when just washing my face was enough, but maybe that’s a perk of youth.

One day I was venting about my skincare when my friend Amanda recommended OneSkin. First off I was shocked - I thought Amanda was one of those lucky people who was aging well and chalked it all up to good genes. Turns out, I was wrong.

Amanda said she’d been using OneSkin for about four months and that it was a true game-changer. With such a rave review from someone with great skin, I had to look into it.

OneSkin’s OS-01 FACE Topical Supplement is a daily moisturizer but with a twist. After 5+ years of research, OneSkin developed a proprietary OS-01 peptide which is proven to reduce skin’s biological age and improve the overall appearance of aging.

I couldn’t believe there was a product out there that addressed aging without retinol. A few months ago I started using a retinol cream but not only was it an expensive investment ($100+), it didn’t agree with my skin. The peeling drove me crazy and I always seemed to have some irritation and dryness after applying.

I took a deep dive into OneSkin’s site and found out that their peptide works by reducing the build up of aged cells which release inflammation factors and accelerate the aging of surrounding cells. Compared with retinol, which peels off the top layer of your skin to induce the growth of fresher skin, OneSkin seemed like a safer and gentler alternative. OS-01 FACE also includes skincare hero ingredients like Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, and Andiroba Oil.

I’m not a scientist but an alternative to retinol was definitely something I wanted to try.

I placed my order and although it’s $120 I don’t mind investing in my skin and have paid a lot more for smaller jars of cream before. Plus, OneSkin has a 30-day money-back guarantee so it certainly didn’t hurt to give it a shot.

Once my OneSkin arrived, I began to use it as directed: 1-2 pumps applied as a daily moisturizer on my face, neck, and hands, every morning and evening after cleansing.

After trying various products, I learned nothing works overnight, and I liked that OneSkin didn’t claim to be a “quick fix” like so many other brands out there.

They said I would see the best results after 12 weeks of use - here’s what happened:

  • After two weeks I noticed my skin was getting firmer and there was a bit of plumpness in the cheeks.
  • After six weeks the few pesky wrinkles I had seemed to soften. Even the elasticity of my skin was improving on my face and neck.
  • Finally, after 12 weeks my skin was glowing. It was hydrated, happy, and overall much healthier than before.

I was so surprised that my skin was reaping all these benefits from just one topical supplement. Since starting OneSkin, I’ve not only streamlined my skincare by getting rid of all those extra serums, lotions, and masks, but I’ve relieved my budget of those pricier creams.

A single bottle lasts 2-3 months and with my OneSkin subscription, I pay only $99 for my OS-01 FACE.

I highly recommend trying OneSkin to anyone, but especially those who are ready to put more care into their skin without tons of extra time.

OneSkin isn’t a skincare brand pushing anti-aging but rather a skin health and longevity brand that knows aging is undeniable.

It’s all about aging better and from my experience more confidently. With OneSkin, I know I’m making the best choice for my skin’s future health.

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