I Tried OneSkin’s Complete Skin Longevity Regimen Bundle For $375

  • OneSkin is a skin longevity company focusing on healthy aging by supporting strong, supple skin.
  • Their 4,300+ 5-star reviews and 12-week clinical study yielded spectacular results that convinced me to try their products.
  • I ordered their Complete Skin Longevity Regimen for $375 ($429) — Read my honest review here.

If there's one thing I've learned about skincare, finding the right products for an effective regimen can be difficult.

I've tried everything, from micro-needling sessions that left me feeling like a pin cushion to expensive spa treatments that promised the world. Yet nothing helped diminish those first fine lines cropping up around my eyes.

I almost went for a Botox session, but then I discovered OneSkin.

OneSkin is a groundbreaking longevity company that addresses the root cause of skin aging. Their cutting-edge formulas and science-backed ingredients promote lasting changes that support skin health and improve the skin's barrier.

After reading over 4,300 5-star reviews and the spectacular results from their 12-week clinical study, I ordered their newest bundle, the Complete Skin Longevity Regimen, for $375 ($429).

Here's my honest review after trying the products for 6 weeks:

PREP: Cleansing and Priming

The ritual begins with PREP, a gentle cleanser that effortlessly sweeps away impurities like dirt, makeup, and dead skin cells that can accumulate and prevent products from penetrating the skin.The formula preps the skin so it fully absorbs active ingredients — up to double the penetration of the OS-01 Peptide in OS-01 FACE1 — OneSkin's proprietary peptide that is scientifically proven to reverse skin's biological age.2

PREP leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed, and I love that it's vegan.

OS-01 EYE: Targeted Rejuvenation

Next up is OS-01 EYE— a powerhouse specifically designed to revitalize the delicate skin around the eyes by:

  • reducing cellular aging markers3, so the skin stays healthier and appears younger for longer
  • supporting collagen biosynthesis pathways3 and minimizing the look of fine lines and wrinkles around the eye
  • Promoting hydration, elasticity, and improved barrier function 4

I gently tap it in a semi-circle around my eyes. Since incorporating this gem into my routine, I noticed significantly reduced puffiness and fine lines. The results are really impressive.

OS-01 FACE: Cellular Rejuvenation

Moving on to the cornerstone of the routine — OS-01 FACE.

It's powered by the OS-01 Senescence Blocking Peptide™ and clinically validated to strengthen skin’s barrier5 and scientifically proven to improve skin’s epidermal thickness and promote cellular proliferation6.

This potent formula is engineered to combat cellular aging, restoring elasticity and hydration to the skin. It leaves my skin hydrated, nourished, and visibly rejuvenated. Compared to other products I've tried, this is super fast-absorbing.

OS-01 SHIELD: Defense Against Aging

I never cared about sunscreen until my dermatologist told me how bad sun exposure is for the skin. The more sun exposure you have, the earlier your skin ages, so sunscreen is essential. Especially on days when the sun may not feel as hot on the skin, as UV rays continue to break down skin cells, resulting in photoaging.

OS-01 SHIELDAge Reversal™ Mineral Sunscreen is a complete game-changer. First, there's zero greasiness, which is why it works perfectly under makeup — and combines powerful and sustainable sun protection with non-nano zinc oxide. This can help reverse the effects of UV-induced aging with the OS-01 peptide.7

OS-01 BODY: Full-body Rejuvenation

I used to moisturize my body in the evening, but my skin failed to soften overnight. That's why I'm fascinated by OS-01 BODY.

It's the first lotion I've tried that provides intense, long-lasting moisture while promoting improved skin texture. It soothes my skin and makes it feel so soft and nice. It's the perfect last step to complete my skincare regimen.

Final Thoughts

I'm officially obsessed with OneSkin. Each product in this bundle is top-notch and provides real results — without any side effects harsh products like retinol come with.

After using these products in tandem for 6 weeks, my face and body feel healthier, more hydrated, and show fewer wrinkles. If you're looking for a skincare routine that's proven and effective without costing a fortune, I highly recommend OneSkin.

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