A Guide To Improve Your Health And Wellness In 2024

Each year, millions of people around the world struggle to achieve their New Year’s resolutions — most without any luck. Why? Because rather than focusing on small-scale, healthy habits, we try to accomplish massive, impossible-to-reach goals. When we do this, we often cave and fall back on bad behaviors.

So this year, we’re focusing on tiny, achievable habits that will actually boost our overall health and well-being and help us succeed. After all, it’s generally understood that it can take at least 30 days to make or break a habit.

Between work and day-to-day stress, we barely have time to cook fresh, wholesome meals. Instead, when we’re too busy or tired, we opt for high-caloric frozen foods and expensive takeaways.

After lots of scrolling, we found just the thing: HelloFresh. Their convenient meal kits literally eliminate the stress of mealtime. No more brainstorming recipes, shopping for ingredients, or feeling guilty about popping yet another frozen beef lasagna in the microwave!

Nutritious meals are key to achieving your health and wellness goals this year. Here are some more tips on how to set achievable goals:

Find Solutions That Work For You

Becoming a vegetarian overnight or forcing yourself to cook fresh meals from scratch every single day, simply won’t work — unless you have a personal chef.

Let’s be real, life gets hectic, and something as important as dinnertime, often takes a backseat. But with HelloFresh, all of that is possible for everyone (no private chef needed). And their meals start at only $7.33 per serving! HelloFresh offers plans for various dietary preferences — from Veggie, Calorie-Smart, and Family-Friendly to Protein Rich, Flexitarian, and many more.

Their Quick & Easy meals are ready in less than 15 minutes so they fit into the busiest schedules. No more excuses about not cooking veggie dinners or plating a freshly cooked meal night after night.

Don’t Eliminate a Bad Habit, Replace It

Getting rid of a bad habit is easier said than done. So, if you depend on crisps, chocolate, and other junk food to get you through the day, you won’t be able to drop them at the snap of your fingers. But you can replace them with something more beneficial and tastier, like HelloFreshmeals.

Skip the grocery store, avoid foods that trigger you, and let HelloFresh deliver pre-portioned, seasonal ingredients straight to your door. And there’s no harm in treating yourself to a delicious Easy Sticky Sesame & Sweet Chilli Chicken Burger or how about their outstanding Golden Haloumi & Lime Couscous with Roast Veggies & Mint Yoghurt? That’s called balance!

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Boost Your Immune System

It’s super important to keep your immune system in tip-top shape, especially during cold and flu season. And it all starts with your diet. Eating nutritious meals is necessary to fuel your body with everything it needs to function properly and stay healthy — another reason we adore HelloFresh.

HelloFresh recipes are loaded with proteins, healthy fats, fresh veggies, and just the right amount of carbs. Plus, eating pre-portioned, wholesome meals improves your mood and energy. It won’t give you sugar highs and leave you feeling sluggish an hour later like junk food does.

Set Goals That Help You Form Better Habits

When it comes to your health goals, we recommend building habits that align with your resolutions. And like we already mentioned, it’s all about making slight, incremental changes. With that in mind, HelloFresh’s flexible plans are totally there for you.

You can simply start with 3 recipes per week and slowly work up to 5. If you’ve never been into cooking, choose easy recipes first — like Pork Schnitzel & Mustard Gravy. When you feel confident enough why not tackle gourmet dishes like Seared Lamb Backstrap & Rosemary Butter? Each HelloFresh meal comes with colourful, easy-to-follow recipe cards, so their dishes are bullet-proof — even for total beginners.

Make HelloFresh Your Lifestyle

It's not about merely creating the resolution, it's about sticking to it long enough you see real results. With HelloFresh, you can develop a passion for cooking and trying out new recipes, so bringing fresh meals to the table will soon be second nature.

This year, improve your overall health and well-being with delish dishes from HelloFresh – your 2024 will be life-changing!

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