Is your workout breaking you out?

If you're one of the lucky few who actually experiences a post-workout glow (ahem, Hilary Duff) you may still experience the not-so-great breakout that can accompany it. We'll spare you the science, but mixing bacteria, dead skin, and sweat can really make you question whether your next run is worth the effort. Before resigning yourself to a sedentary future, give these acne-fighting tricks a try!

Get Naked

Unless you're heading to naked yoga we're just kidding! Before your next workout take a few minutes to remove your makeup or moisturizer. You can use either a makeup remover wipe or one of your favorite cleansers. Just make sure not to double-up because washing your face too much can lead to dry skin. By going into your workout with a clean face you'll guarantee your pores are able to breathe and sweat just like the fitness gods intended.


Don't let dead skin cells cramp your style! Slough them off with an exfoliant like the ever-celebrated Kate Somerville scrub ExfoliKate. Exfoliate twice a week and see how you skin transforms when you say out with the old and in with the new!

Spot check

If you find yourself sweating even after showering it's time to check out an acne gel with Benzoyl Peroxide. While some forms require a doctor's prescription, there are also over the counter options like the Clinique "Acne Solutions" Emergency Gel-Lotion. Apply it to your breakout or all over for an acne-free finish.

Hydration nation

In case no one told you, drinking enough water is super important! When your body is hydrated it can flush out built up toxins through your sweat and help fight new breakouts from forming. Double-up by applying an oil-free acne moisturizer post-workout. This one is tinted so you get even more bang for your buck!

Eat up

A post-workout snack is necessary for muscle growth and also for fighting off hunger later on! If you're using your workout as an excuse to fill up on junk food or drinks at happy hour, you may be planting the seeds of a future breakout. Avoid this with protein-rich fuel and check out what you may need to cut back on here.

By switching up your routine and addressing your acne head-on you'll see blemish-free skin that glows from the inside out!

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