Jewel Tone Eyeshadow Looks to Brighten Up the Holidays

So, the holidays might not be looking super normal this year.

Perhaps you're going to have to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas away from your family, or watching them through the unsatisfying portal of Zoom. Or you're going to have to go through the grief of possibly putting your family's health at risk in order to go home.

That doesn't mean you can't dress up for the occasion, though, even if the occasion is you wandering around your apartment wondering where it all went so wrong or shutting yourself away in your childhood bedroom.

Jewel tones might be the color palate of fall and winter 2020. Warm, luxurious, and cozy, these looks will transport you away from the here-and-now and into a more blissful reality.

1. Gold

gold eyeshadow

Like a little black dress, the gold eyeshadow, black cat-eyeliner look never goes out of style. Try this luxury palate of pops from Charlotte Tilbury for a particularly sparkly look. Then tie it all together with a bold cat-eye.

2. Sapphire Blue

Blue eyeshadow\u200b

Blue eyeshadow

If you're looking to embody your inner ice queen, a swoop of deep blue eyeshadow (such as Anastasia Beverly Hills' glittery turquoise, or Moon Glow's Backlight Neon) will do the trick. Round the look out with a sweep of cobalt eyeliner under the lids, some hefty sweeps of mascara, and a splash of white sparkle on the inside of your eyes.

3. Emerald Green

\u200bGreen Eyeshadow

Green Eyeshadow


Green is a highly underrated eyeshadow color. Be ambitious and try out a sweeping emerald eye for an opulent and grounded vibe. L'Oreal's Golden Emerald is one example; pair it with some false eyelashes and glamorous highlighter to create a truly dramatic look.

5. Ruby Orange/Red

\u200bRed eyeshadow

Red eyeshadow


A warm, glittery red-orange eyeshadow can illuminate even the darkest of Holy nights. This pick from Pixi, "Liquid Fairy Lights," is infused with rose and chamomile for extra relaxation, and its bronze PassionLight shade will make you glow like a fire in the hearth on a snowy evening.

6. Glittering Platinum

silver eyeshadow

Nothing says steely drama like a glittery silver eye. It may be too hot because of climate change for a Christmas blizzard, but you can embody the snow yourself with this look. If you have some extra glitter on hand, you might even start experimenting—after all, who's seeing you??

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