Five Reasons Kettle & Fire Has The Best Bone Broth

Now that my kids have moved out, I’m constantly on the hunt for new and creative ways to boost my health, without having to stand hours in the kitchen.

I’ve recently discovered that rather than moving forward and looking for fresh actions or habits, I should be looking back – as in, way, way, back.

One of the oldest tricks in the book, used since prehistoric times, has resurfaced; I’m talking about bone broth. Bone broth is known to provide a surplus of health benefits, but it’s also known for its time-consuming method that requires simmering bones for long periods of time.

To my surprise, I found a company that’s breaking the bone broth rules, making bone broth consumption easy, effective, and – even better – delicious.

When it comes to bone broth, Kettle & Fire is the ultimate hack. Premium ingredients, mouthwatering flavors, and rave reviews are only a few reasons why Kettle & Fire is my only option when picking high-quality bone broth.

Here are five more:

Health Benefits

Kettle & Fire’s bone broths are known to help with digestion and gut health, joint mobility and recovery, immune function, anti-inflammatory responses, and even weight management.

They use premium ingredients that deliver the most potent, effective bone broth, and I can even choose which broth I’d like based on your wellness goals. Since I incorporated Kettle & Fire into my day-to-day life, my chronic stomach issues have improved tremendously and I feel less bloated and achy.

High-Quality Ingredients

As bone broths’ benefits are directly extracted from the ingredients used, it’s crucial to use only the best ingredients. Kettle & Fire uses bones from chicken and cattle that are humanely-raised, 100% grass-fed, and don’t include any antibiotics, hormones, extra sodium, artificial flavors, additives, or preservatives. They even use filtered water to simmer the bones and all organic vegetables.

Great Flavor

While bone broth has been used since prehistoric times, the flavor has come a long way. Kettle & Fire has delicious flavors like Lemongrass Ginger Beef, Turmeric Ginger Chicken, and Butter Chicken. Even though I love the flavor on its own, I sometimes like to boost it with fresh herbs.


Kettle & Fire’s selection doesn’t end with their bone broths. They have a range of soups, cooking broths, regeneratively made broths, low-sodium cooking broths, and even more diet-specific choices like keto soups and keto broths.

Their variety also expands to wellness areas and allows you to choose products based on muscle recovery, digestion immunity, or weight loss. Regardless of reason or flavor, Kettle & Fire is sure to have something for everyone.

Blends Right Into Your Routine

I usually heat up Kettle & Fire’s bone broth on the stovetop for about five minutes, but if I’m in a rush I simply pop it in the microwave for one minute. It’s perfect for sipping anytime during the day, a quick lunch on the go, or an easy dinner.

With a wide variety of flavors and options, Kettle & Fire makes bone broth super delicious and super convenient. Since I incorporated their broth into my routine, I feel so much better. I might even get back into the dating game!

If you want to eat healthier while cooking less, I can’t recommend Kettle & Fire enough! Their broth is packed with premium ingredients and loaded with health benefits. To save a few bucks I recommend subscribing and ordering in bulk.

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