The Key To Getting The Hair I Always Wanted

Editor's Note: My hair used to be healthy, but from dyeing it, using heat without protection, and a slew of damaging products, I fried it. While looking for remedies, I found K18 and decided to give it a shot.

My Hair Pre-K18:

My natural hair is the most boring shade of brown. Once I dyed it blonde for the first time in high school, I never wanted to go back. I've been every color—sometimes from a box, and sometimes from a professional.

The thing is, I remember my hair used to have a natural wave. And in old pictures, it caught the shine of the light. After the damage I inflicted, it was sooo dry and frizzy. Plus, the breakage was unbelievable.

I had my hair dyed back to a brown and quit heat tools for a while, but it wasn't enough!

My hair was so sad, and boring, I found myself researching how long it would take to go from a buzzcut to a bob.

That was my last resort, but before such a big chop, I wanted to try to salvage it with an effective reparative treatment. Researching beauty blogs across different platforms, I was super excited about the reviews for one mask: K18's Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask.

It seemed incredibly easy to use. After shampooing, you just hop out of the shower and towel dry your hair until it's damp, then start with one pump of the mask and add more as needed. Then you wait 4 minutes and proceed as usual—that's it, no rinsing it out! You use it instead of conditioner for your first 6 washes, and then use it every few washes.

This peptide-powered formula's key is restoration. K18's goal is to give you healthy, strong, smooth hair that will be able to withstand all the hair changes (and damage) you throw at it. I was skeptical, but I really wanted to see what might happen, so I bought it.

My Hair After K18:

It arrived in the cutest little box, and from the instructions, I'd need about 2 pumps per wash based on my hair.

The product has a nice consistency, no strong smell, and easily penetrated my towel-dried hair. The formula employs biotechnology to bring damaged hair strands back to a healthy state by reconnecting broken keratin chains at the inner part of hair.

Trying to stay away from heat, I let my hair air dry. About an hour in, I noticed my hair was looking wavier than I'd seen it in quite a while. It could've been a coincidence, so I didn't get my hopes up until it was fully dry.

Oh. My. God. My hair looked 3 years younger. It had the wave and bounce I'd been missing and it was shiny. And the frizz was gone! I was absolutely shocked.

It's been a few weeks now, and there's a huge difference in my hair. It regularly has the bouncy waves I've been craving. And I've been feeling confident enough to browse Pinterest for hair color inspiration again.

The Takeaway:

Now, I can dye my hair and add heat to my heart's content without worrying about damage! I really feel like I got a new lease on my hair, and I'm so looking forward to all the fun I'll have with K18's secret powers.

If you regularly experiment with your hair, or even if you don't, K18 will give you the best, healthiest hair of your life!

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