Muzzy’s Language Course Is The Best Way To Give Your Child A Head Start In Life

How BBCs Renowned Program Can Help Kids Learn 1200 Words And Phrases

I'd had it. The amount of non-listening my children were doing to me on a daily basis was at an all-time high. Between homework, sports, and the horror of asking them to pick up their dirty clothes and place them in the laundry basket, everything was a struggle. Every. Single. Thing.

Just when I was about to lose my mind, there was yet another school break. The only thing worse than trying to get my kids to do things when they are busy is trying to get them to do things when they are not. Studies show that kids whose brains aren't consistently challenged can fall as much as two years behind their classmates (no pressure).

It's no secret that schools have been cutting budgets for language learning and the arts, so I worry that my kids are missing out on the valuable tools that make them better critical thinkers and problem solvers. Now it's up to me to keep my kids entertained and involved academically between the holidays and school breaks. (Please help me.)

Luckily, I found Muzzy, an online language learning course designed to entertain children and keep them continually learning. I tried it on my kids, and now I'm here to tell you the 5 Ways Muzzy Will Change Your Kids' Lives:

Language-Learning Is An Amazing Reading Tool.

Here was an online subscription to a site that offers movies, games, and songs in six different languages. I felt like the teacher phoning it in. Que Pasa? The Muzzy BBC site explained, "When learning a new language, children have an elevated awareness of language as a tool, and therefore strengthen and develop reading skills." In other words, time spent on Muzzy was working on reading, sneaky! They would be learning up to 1200 words and phrases per language, plus Muzzy offers DVD's which would be great to distract the kids with, I mean for them to use as reinforcement in the car.

Your Kids Will Actually Like It.

Muzzy BBC described it as "award-winning" and "loved by millions of children." It is the official language-learning program of Sweden and Denmark—but these Swedes don't know my kids. I worried my son, the king of Roblox, and my younger daughter, a master at Unicorn Chef, would {groan} think this was boring, and be on to my plan of sneaking in work during playtime. So I tried the free preview and showed a language-learning movie to my son. He loved it. He was fully immersed in the funny story and didn't even realize he was learning a language by just listening.

It's Good For Kids of All Ages.

The online subscription got me access to games and songs that were great for my younger daughter, who is not quite the independent reader yet. Research shows there is a "window of opportunity" in younger children when learning a second language when it's just as easy for them as learning the first. So preschoolers can be happy playing along (and secretly learning French) on their own.

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Your Kids Won't Realise They're Getting Magical Math Help.

Bilingual students excel with high scores on standardized tests and are more successful in math than students who know one language, which is nice to know on those long nights when you're not drilling long division.

You Can Say "Adios" to Dirty Laundry All Over The Floor.

Children who learn a second language become more effective communicators, have enhanced memory, better cultural awareness, and stronger listening skills, which means your children might, just might, actually acknowledge you when you ask them to pick up their dirty socks off the floor.

Overall, with Muzzy, my kids are continuously entertained and get in their "screen time," that I don't feel guilty about because it's sneaking in valuable, educational work. Thanks to Muzzy, I know I'm giving my kids the head start they need to succeed in life.

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