We Tried The Best Menopause Products So You Don’t Have To - Here’s What We Found

Change is good, change is natural but most of all it's inevitable.

Thanks to our complex hormonal system, our bodies go through so many changes throughout our lives, with one big one being menopause. Like many periods of transformation in our lives, we believe it's just another thing we have to put up with and get through.

We could sit around and talk about the hot flashes, brain fog and all of the other annoying challenges facing women, instead we want to talk about the solution. And yes, there is one, many actually for all the wild and crazy symptoms our bodies go through.

To make the process a little bit easier we tried Kindra and Bonafide, to see if their menopause products are worth our time. Here's what we found;

Key Similarities

  • Both offer non-prescription-based to treat women's health issues
  • Both use natural ingredients
  • Both are hormone-free

Key Differences

  • Kindra offers supplements and a vaginal lotion + applicator, Bonafide offer supplements, and a vaginal insert
  • Kindra Daily Vaginal Lotion formula provides more long-term healing, while Bonafide's Hyaluronic acid insert only provides temporary relief (and is complicated and time-consuming to insert)
  • Kindra offers a customized approach to each customer with their quiz, Bonafide follows a "one size fits all" approach
  • Kindra products on average deliver optimum results after 60 days of use with many women reporting relief after only 3 days, Bonafide takes 90 days for optimal results
  • Kindra's products can be filtered by 12 different issues, Bonafide products are broken down by only 4 issues


Kindra is a community-based brand embracing the journey of menopause from peri to post while providing solutions for everyone every step of the way. Their brand is very inviting and hugely educational, with so much research and science behind their products.

One highlight of Kindra is their understanding of the fact that no two women go through menopause the same way, it's a unique journey for all of us. Their approach is fully customizable with a 5-minute quiz that enlightens you with what products you need for your specific issues at this time in your life.

No guesswork needed, no hours of research and reading needed, 5-minutes, few questions and you'll have your own personal menopausal guide from the experts. All their products are listed per concern if you've got an issue that you already know you want a solution for.

Their Daily Vaginal Lotion is many people's, holy-grail, life-saver, must-have products. The formula is like nothing we've seen before in a vaginal cream or lotion, it's ultra-hydrating with long-lasting results. The Kindra reusable applicator makes it gentle and stress-free to apply in an easy and sanitary way. And obviously is crazy effective with 95% of women reporting a meaningful improvement in vaginal dryness after only 3 days of use.

The supplements are packed full of so many amazing ingredients delivering some impressive benefits, and work to address multiple issues at once. They've something for every issue from sleep to energy and their Core Dietary Supplement covers so many bases with Pycnogenol® and Ashwagandha. These amazing ingredients improve; healthy circulation which reduces hot flashes and night sweats, mental clarity to reduce mood swings and brain fog, skin suppleness, and even libido. The bundles are also a great way to get a complete regime that you know works together perfectly.

And of course, all their products are clean, non-toxic, plant-based, and estrogen-free, unlike many drug store brands. They are also clinically tested, OB/GYN-approved, and are progesterone-free, paraben-free, and fragrance-free.


Bonafide is a female health company that provides natural remedies for the natural symptoms that occur throughout a woman's life. Their focus is that women shouldn't have to compromise this part of their lives. And we certainly agree with that. All of their products are made with safe yet powerful ingredients, completely free from hormones.

They have 4 core product offerings; tablets for increased satisfaction, relief from hot flashes, relief from PMS along with a vaginal insert for vaginal dryness. The vaginal insert piqued our interest with the only active ingredient being Hyaluronic acid. HA retains moisture but only when it's surrounded and supplied with such, like how your HA serum works best when you spritz your face before and after applying it. Was this needed with this vaginal insert too? The product instruction says nothing about it so no, but we still wonder how HA works without surrounding water molecules to pull in moisture.

And while looking at the instructions, the application and insertion of the insert look complicated. Once in if you weren't already laying down you better now as it will all leak out. Yes, you must lay on your back until it is all absorbed. Many reviews stress how it's a messy process that must be done every 2 days.

They also offer supplements that are not worth mentioning as they offer no new ingredients or innovative combinations, just your basic vitamins and minerals that you can get at any drugstore.

Overall Verdict

Both Kindra and Bonafide offer safe natural hormone-free solutions to menopausal issues and the hormonal changes female bodies go through. We love that companies like these are giving women relief and the knowledge they don't have to just suffer through it.

After trying both it is very apparent that Kindra products are superior with thought and scientific research behind every product, proven by their powerful and effective results. Bonafide lacks innovation and maybe research and development when compared to Kindra.

Kindra's products are simple, easy, and 100% safe while super effective. Their supplements target and fight so many different symptoms with so many ingredients, while their lotion is the easiest solution to irritating dryness. The best part is that Kindra provides long-term relief. Whatever you need help with Kindra has the perfect menopause guide for you.

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