Let's Talk About Menopause & Kindra (My New Go-To!)

My vagina was not having it. I figured it was the long hours sitting at my laptop. So, I set up a standing desk. But I was still dry and slightly irritated. I found myself in the pharmacy aisle - overwhelmed by lotions and tubes. I wanted something natural and safe and found nothing like that on the shelves.

I kept hoping things would get better, but as the weeks passed and the continual dryness and discomfort were bringing down my sex drive and making intimacy painful, I did what I always do when I need some caring advice. I called my BFF Linda.

"Honey," she said. "I know you think menopause is in the future and far off. But it sounds like it's here."

There was no way I was in any kind of menopause - I'm only 51. Linda said that vaginal dryness is simply a sign that my hormones are changing. It may be signaling the onset of perimenopause when lower estrogen levels can cause irregular periods, changes in vaginal pH, and thinning of vaginal tissues.

There doesn't seem to be a lot of solutions out there, but Linda said she's found a winner in Kindra. She takes their supplements since all their products are natural and 100% estrogen-free.

Sure, I thought. What does this have to do with me? She's on the other side of it - happily living in post-menopausal bliss. I highly doubted any product or supplement could help me through this time in my life.

But then she told me about Kindra's Daily Vaginal Lotion. It contains zero estrogen - that really caught my attention.

When I pulled up their website, I felt like I'd entered a new world. Made by women for women, Kindra has estrogen-free peri and post-menopausal essentials. I quickly zoned in on The Daily Vaginal Lotion & Applicator.

The lotion's formula features an essential blend of feather-light, ultra-hydrating ingredients, including coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, safflower seed oil, vitamin E, and moisture-loving humectants.

It sounded natural but would it be powerful enough to restore and replenish? It's been clinically and OB/GYN-tested. And on top of being estrogen-free, it's also progesterone-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free, and non-greasy.

I read so many appreciative 5-star customer reviews from real people, it sounded absolutely fantastic. But I was convinced it was beyond my price range. When I saw that I could buy both the lotion and the mess-free applicator as a one-time purchase for only $49 - and they'd ship straight to my door? I popped it in my cart and checked out.

The Aurora Applicator is designed by women for gentle, intuitive, and precise placement. I worried that it would be messy and painful maybe? Kindra recommended 1-3 pumps based on where my pain level was that day. So I added 2 pumps of lotion to the end of the applicator.

To be truthful, there was a slight stinging sensation the first day or two, but some customer reviews had mentioned that so I was prepared for it. The Daily Vaginal Lotion & Applicator is easy-to-use, easy-to-hold, and easy-to-clean. But I was afraid that it would take forever to go into effect or - worse - it might not work at all.

My fears were put to rest when the dryness, itching, and discomfort vanished within 3-4 days. I couldn't believe how quickly Kindra's lotion worked! My partner Jordan and I are having the best sex ever (it had been a while). It's also helped alleviate that dryness and itchiness I used to feel daily in my regular life.

And while it's not a lubricant per se, I've shed that stress and tenseness that perimenopause brought on. Jordan and I are so thrilled with all things Kindra, I signed up for a monthly subscription that saves me 20%!

Kindrais an invaluable resource for bodies at all stages of their menopause journey - from peri to post.

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