I Tried Kindra. Here's What Happened

I'm a Boomer - raised in a world where your vagina's called your "down there" and you don't discuss things like periods and menopause. There was no internet growing up, so any valid sex education came from books like Our Bodies Ourselves or The Hite Report.

I was ahead of my time, all-in on body positivity. But somewhere along the line, life happened. I started a law firm, raised three fantastic kids and retired. Even experienced the loss of my husband a few years back. How life zips by...

Before I knew it, I'm 72 years old, often stuck in the house, living for Saturday Zoom calls with my grandkids. I garden, puzzle, and bike to stay active. I was starting to feel a little less energetic and a bit moodier. If I'm being honest with myself, I have been suffering through a dry, itchy vagina for more than a decade. I thought my menopause symptoms were past me -- little did I know that these symptoms were coming and that they could hang around.

I held out hope that they would disappear on their own. They didn't. Brain fog had me feeling forgetful in day-to-day tasks and conversations. The vaginal dryness started to feel constantly present and really uncomfortable, especially in certain clothing. Ready for solutions, I called my GP, Dr. Greene.

She suggested that it could be a postmenopausal issue. Vaginal dryness, low libido, dry skin, trouble sleeping, weight gain, fatigue, and even joint pain might be connected with hormonal shifts. Dr. Greene said that these concerns are common and manageable - yet 90% of those in menopause don't seek help.

But, she had good news. She suggested a company called Kindrathat makes clinically-tested and OB/GYN-tested peri and post-menopausal essentials. Made by women for women, all their products are 100% estrogen-free. They're also progesterone-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free, and non-greasy.

Apparently, they have a super-effective lotion and self-care routine that includes The Daily Vaginal Lotion & Applicator. The lotion's formula features an essential blend of feather-light, ultra-hydrating ingredients, including coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, safflower seed oil, vitamin E, and moisture-loving humectants. It even helps heal the skin over time with niacinamide, something I've seen in my fancy night serums.

It sounded natural but would it be strong enough to restore and replenish? Dr. Greene emphasized that no two people menopause the same, so Kindra tailors their solutions to each person. I thought okay, I'll look into it.

I went to the Kindra site, expecting they'll just fling a bunch of generic products at me. I was surprised - their quick, informative quiz asked me about my emotions, and what's going on in my body with an approach that was encouraging and nurturing.

When I finished their questions they provided an instantaneous self-care plan designed to help me embrace and manage my hormonal health.

In addition to the Lotion & Applicator,Kindra proposed The Core Dietary Supplement. I was a bit wary about taking supplements - one more thing to remember in a day. Besides, how much good would a daily capsule really do?

Turns out, the Core Supplement cools your body, focuses your mind, boosts energy, balances those mood swings, and hydrates from the inside out. It can even help with joint pain.

If it's capable of all that, the ingredients have got to be convoluted and complex, right? Actually no.

Kindra uses high-quality vegan ingredients like adaptogens and botanicals. Plus, the Core Supplement includes the super-antioxidant Pycnogenol and Ashwagandha which create a brain and body boost for a more balanced you.

Although not included in my Kindra regimen, I noticed the Sleep Supplement. It has the same benefits as the Core, but adds melatonin for more restorative sleep. If the Core doesn't work for me I figure, I'll give it a go. There's also an Energy Supplement with green tea extract.

It sounded perfect for my needs. However, I was apprehensive that it might cost too much. Thankfully, I found it totally reasonable. I can bundle the lotion, the mess-free applicator, and the Core Dietary Supplement for only $78 for a one-time purchase (plus, if I subscribe I can save 20% on all orders.) Kindra also has a 30-day return policy and they ship straight to my door. It was a no-lose proposition, so I popped it in my cart and checked out.

As soon as it arrived just a few days later, I gave it a try. The first day or two, I felt a slight stinging sensation which I was prepared for because a few customer reviews had mentioned it could be a possibility for those who are incredibly dry down there.

I wondered how long it would take to go into effect. My doubts were put to rest when the dryness, and discomfort vanished within 3-4 days. Not only that, I couldn't believe how quickly the Core capsules kicked into gear. They work great for improving my energy and mood.

I recently joined Kindra's moderated Facebook Group where I've found genuine support and encouragement within a community of like-minded women.

These days - thanks to Kindra - I feel so healthy and centered and connected to those at all points in their menopausal journey - from peri to post.

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