Last Minute Valentine's Gift Guide for Picky Partners

Valentine's Day is almost here and the clock is running out to get that perfect gift for your partner. But what if you can’t find it?

Flowers and chocolates are endlessly cliche. And though some may say that it’s the thought that counts, if your partner has very particular taste, it might not be enough.

And this isn’t the type of holiday where you can grab a generic greeting card or scribble out a DIY coupon book and be done with it. Well, you could, but you probably wouldn’t like the outcome.

So it’s back to the drawing board and here you are, scrambling to find suitably niche gifts for your picky partner.

Whether or not you’ve been together for a long time, if you want to have a good time on V-Day, a lot is riding on your gift of choice. The stakes are high. But luckily, there’s something for everyone.

The secret to Valentine’s Day shopping: you have to buy them something that they want but they wouldn’t buy for themselves. Something personal enough to be meaningful, and covetable enough to be special. Valentine’s Day gifts for picky partners are hard to shop for, but not impossible.

Having trouble finding anything that fits the bill? Satisfy every type of date with these golden gift ideas:

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The Foodie

So you’re taking them out to a nice dinner at a restaurant with a tough reservation to get. But that doesn’t mean you get to skip out on the gift-giving. Find them something that will elevate all their meals — like an artisanal olive oil or a viral chili sauce — or fly in their bucketlist vacation treat from Goldbelly. The fastest way to their hearts is through their stomach.

The Bio-Hacker

Whether they’re a goop person or an Apple-watch/tech-fleece fan, this partner is always trying to get you to do cold plunges and track your sleep. They watch the Chris Hemsworth show — but not just for Chris Hemsworth. They’re going to live forever, even if it means pretending to like the taste of Athletic Greens for the rest of their life.

Gym Lover

You’re not with them for their body, but hey — it’s a plus. Whether they lift heavy, do pilates, or prefer a chic and sweatless Hot Girl Walk, anyone who checks their daily step goal fits into this category. Don’t get them a Peloton, but you should get them something to enhance their workouts.

Good Taste And They Need Everyone To Know It

They love luxury and the finer things. And yes, they want you to know it — but in a tasteful, classy way. Think: fine jewelry, leather shoes, a New Yorker Tote. They’re a little pretentious but you love them anyway.

Self-Care as a Sport

Their product shelf is a formidable thing. They have jade rollers and gua shas in the freezer. They take their face mask time seriously. This is a tough category to shop for, since self-care is inherently personal. But here are some guaranteed wins.

The Free Spirit

They don’t care about Valentine’s Day — they don’t believe in the construct of time, probably — but you still want to make sure they feel appreciated. And even if they’re not into material things, who can resist a perfectly curated pick?

The Entrepreneur

They’re always on their laptop or their phone but nevertheless, you persist. You support their dreams, but you will have a phone on the table policy at your V-Day dinner. Trust.

The One Who Is Always Throwing Dinner Parties to Force You To Meet People

They’re always hosting. They throw elaborate dinner parties with place settings and a dress code. And why wouldn’t they? Their place is carefully curated and they take shopping for home decor more seriously than anyone you’ve ever met.

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