We Compared The Leading Laundry Detergents. Which One Came Out On Top?

We tested Tide, Love Home & Planet, Seventh Generation, Biokleen, and MyGreenFills

Let's talk detergent: which one do you buy? Do you even have a preference or just go for whatever one is on special offer in the store?! Some of us buy the cheapest, the one that smells the nicest or the one our Moms always used.

So how do we know we are using the best one out there? We wear our clothes every day, and we spend our hard-earned money on them so we should treat them right. And that starts with how we wash them.

To find out which detergent we should be choosing, we tested Tide, Love Home & Planet, Seventh Generation, Biokleen, and MyGreenFills. Here's how they measured up.

First up, Convenience

I think we all know Tide and all its colorful jugs are found in every grocery store or convenience store you pass by. Finding Tide wasn't our problem with it; we will come back to that. It's everywhere so very easily accessible.

Seventh Generation is also available in-store, but not as many as Tide. Love Home & Planet was the one we had to hunt down. It's only sold in particular stores, and you may need to try a few different zip codes in their store locator to find the nearest store to you.

Biokleen and MyGreenFills were simple if you don't mind waiting a few days for delivery as you purchase their detergents online. MyGreenFills was the only one to offer a refill service. In your first delivery, you receive your jug and detergent or wash as they call it, and then when your next refill package arrives when you need it, and you reuse your forever jug. You only need to order it once, and you're sorted. Never have to think about it again, your laundry detergent just arrives at your door when you need it. No having to keep going online and ordering around a big plastic jug.

People love their laundry wash and love the reduction of plastic!

Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly Laundry Supplies

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Tide doesn't win for their ingredients. It's full of chemicals that do the job but isn't kind to the environment or probably good for your clothes or you. 1,4-Dioxane is a solvent in Tide and is recognized as a carcinogen by the EPA. And that is just one ingredient. The list goes on! The other four brands have ingredients that were a lot better. Seventh Generation puts a lot of science behind their products, including their ingredients, using only renewable ingredients.

Biokleen is all about plant-based ingredients as well as Love Home & Planet, but they only really tell you about their fragrance ingredients and not a lot about the rest. MyGreenFillsensures all its ingredients are non-toxic with zero harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances, hypoallergenic, and safe. Their ingredients certainly looked and sounded the safest with genuinely no harsh chemicals.


At first, we all thought Tide would be the cheapest as it's sold everywhere and has the worst ingredients. But after trying all three and seeing which last the longest, there was a clear difference in price. Our math shows MyGreenfills was only $0.14 a load with the rest all the same at about $0.25 to $0.30 per load. Makes a huge difference when you've got multiple loads to do each week!


Tide works, thanks to the harsh chemicals.

We wanted all the eco-friendly detergents to work, but Biokleen and Love Home & Planet didn't get out the strains we needed them to. (Bye bye white t-shirts.) Seventh Generation and MyGreenFills both got rid of every stain!


So which one comes out on top? And which one we would and are all buying again?MyGreenFills. We can't stop recommending it. It's simple, easy, highly concentrated (so long-lasting), does an amazing job, and gets bonus points for being eco-friendly and non-toxic. Oh yeah, and it's super affordable too!

We love how they have scented and unscented versions along with essential oils to add for scent. Some detergents could really ease up on the overwhelming artificial lavender and vanilla scents. MyGreenFills has the perfect freshly clean scent.

It's delivered right to your door, and when you become a member, you get discounts, and your refills arrive just when you need them, and there's no membership fee or anything hidden like that. Say goodbye to dragging multiple detergent jugs home from the store. The forever laundry jug and refill packs are the best ideas ever.

And they offer hand soap, all-purpose cleaners, wood cleaners, essential oils, wool dryer balls, laundry wash and SO much more, all without parabens, toxins, or fragrances. All refillable too!

We'd recommend MyGreenFills for anyone who wants affordable, green, high-efficiency laundry products delivered straight to their door!

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