5 Ways Life Is Harder for Lefties (and Products That Can Help)

It feels like we dedicate a day to any random, under-appreciated product. Today, August 13, is National Prosecco Day and National Filet Mignon Day, but it's also International Lefthanders Day. The occasion calls for lefthanders to enjoy a nice steak and a glass of wine to celebrate their constricted existence.

Right-handed folks take too many basics for granted, like writing supplies and school desks. The world is not built for the left-handed, which has fueled silly myths like the notion that left-handers die 8 years earlier than right-handed people. While they won't face a shorter life expectancy, people with a dominant left hand can have more health issues, both physical and mental, because of obstacles in every day life.

Products made specifically for left-handed people are more expensive by a large margin. A lefty notebook costs almost twice as much, a pair of scissors is almost six dollars more, and a can opener is about three times more expensive. Buying just one of these products can be life-changing for left-handed people, but it's frustrating that it's an expensive investment. What a left-handed person deserves is accommodation nationwide, in our schools and workplaces.

Debunking myths about left-handed people can also destigmatize their existence in certain cultures. On International Lefthanders Day, let's acknowledge that left-handed people in general deserve proper recognition for their unique circumstance as a tenth of the worldwide population. Until the world becomes more accessible for the left-handed, check out these helpful products!

Appropriate Scissors

The holy grail for left-handers everywhere. In elementary school, you may have felt left out during arts and crafts, but now you can snip just about anything with these scissors!

An Accommodating Notebook

A notebook's spirals will no longer be the bane of your existence with this notebook. Left-handed notebooks may not be commonly stocked in stores, but they're more accessible than you may realize if you poke around online.

A Can Opener You Can Use!

Designed for both right- and left-handers, Starfrit's can opener will change your life. No sharp edges and easy on the hands and wrists, it'll make opening a can an easy experience instead of an aggravating one!

Smudge Free Pens

No longer will you have smudged pen ink all over the side of your hand. With less muscle strain and less drag than other pens, writing can be fun and easy for once!

A Utensil Set

Kitchen utensils are more important than people realize. Instead of stirring at an odd angle, you'll be comfortable and confident cooking with Lefty's left-handed bamboo utensil set.

Time to honor the left-handed people in your life!

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