Work With Lego While You Work

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In my field-of-work creativity is essential. Continual innovation with my team at work is both thrilling and demanding. But occasionally we can run out of essential inspiration and ideas.

Sometimes I take a walk, talk to a colleague, or doodle in my notebook, hoping to catch that elusive muse. But I discovered that building something with my hands really frees my imagination. It’s a super fun way to boost my own creativity but then a colleague gave me a colorful Lego set for my work desk!

Everyone played with Lego blocks when we were young — we built houses, re-created monuments, and concocted wonderful stories with Lego characters. I especially liked the builder who arrived in almost every set.

When I was a kid, Lego was celebrated in my home. They were multicolored in the kitchen and the living room and our bedrooms. With the rise of social media, Lego became a cultural phenomenon. We could finally admit that we were obsessed with The Lego Batman Movie. I always dreamt of putting together the Lego Death Star or the Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardryhint-hint.

To say I’m a Lego fan is an underestimate. I adore my Lego, but even with a sprawling online community, I think it’s time to hang up my yellow hat. Or is it?

Recently, a German company — Metafinanz Information Systems — was shocked when they found a pile of Legos in the conference room. But at the end of the day, even the biggest critics were charmed.

The leading toymaker in 2021, Lego isn’t just for kids. It’s also great for adults and can be used for team building in the workplace.

Some people worry that it could be distracting. But individuals and companies encourage employees to bring these bricks into the office saying that it enhances creativity and communication. One such program is Lego Serious Play (LSP), where team members assemble structures that sum up their aspirations.

This program has seriously kicked off, and big organizations — like Google — now have a Lego room! Personally, I’d like to spend a day in there. Trey Parker, the co-creator of South Park, surrounds himself with Lego sets while in his production studio.

“If LEGO is about anything, it’s the use of one’s hands while the mind is in an unplugged state,”
said Robert Rasmussen, the leader of Lego’s education division.

It’s a great team-building exercise. According to Quartz, some sessions follow this prompt: “Name one challenge that’s preventing growth in your company and building your answer with LEGOs. You have four minutes. Go.” This gets people brainstorming in a completely new way. I want to try this out!

So, I guess bringing in a few blocks — obviously, I can’t bring in the whole Cinderella Castle set — might help me be more productive. Building blocks and creating something out of my own imagination can help my creativity, especially when I’m stuck and feel like my work is monotonous. And what a fantastic way to take a break for a few minutes, let your brain fly, and build a sleek spaceship before getting back to excel sheets.

My guilty pleasure actually broadens my mind and inspires me. This is my new excuse to spend a lump of salary picking up more Lego collections. After all, it increases my productivity — at least that’s what I’ll tell myself.

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