Here's Why I Changed My Mind About Juice Cleanses.

"I started to feel like ****"

Juice cleanses are not for me.

That's what I've been saying to myself every time a friend tells me she's never felt better after only drinking kale for a week.

"Thanks, but no thanks, that looks disgusting and sounds like you're starving yourself."

Then, I started to feel like ****.

Maybe it was the combination of too much dairy with the scarfing down food between meetings, or maybe it was the overindulging with bottomless brunch but I have recently felt the worst I have felt in years.

Feeling crappy is one thing, but when all my pants started to fit real tight - now this was the real wake up call for me! This is flat out when I knew I couldn't ignore all the signs anymore, I needed to detox, I needed a full-on health reset.

I started with the obvious and committed to not eating out so much (which also helped my wallet) and although it was a good start, it was not a real fix.

What I realized is that, if I am being honest, I still wasn't eating right - I was still just eating mindlessly. I was just so used to my routine, so for example, I'd finish my avocado grain bowl and go straight to Ben & Jerry's, so next step - re-wire and reset my habits is what I set my mind to do.

I thought a juice cleanse wouldn't make a difference.

But I admit, I was curious. My healthy-but-doesn't-brag-about-it friend told me a 3-day detox was what I needed to start listening to my body again. She does one with Lemonkind every once in a while to get back on track.

I was afraid I'd starve.

I was worried, but the 3-day cleanse she recommended from Lemonkind consists of 8 juices a day. That's so much juice! And all of the packaging is 100% recyclable and convenient because they come in juice pouches like those you now see being used with baby food, except, these are supercharged, super pretty and for adults.

She was such a fan, and my pants were feeling way too tight, so I ordered the 3-day box. When it arrived, I was nervous I wouldn't be able to stick with it but excited to do something for myself. It was weird, I felt proud of myself and I had not even started.

The juices didn't taste how I thought.

There are no additives like sugar, dyes, flavors, or preservatives, so I was waiting for the sad, limp grass taste, but they were bright and great!

I liked the refreshing cucumber in Strength, the carrot and mango combo in Transformation (those are their names) and the hearty whole-grain rice milk with blueberries and cinnamon in the Renewal.

Between the 5 flavors, you'll get a wide array of cool and unique ingredients, everything from organic turmeric to alphonso mango to organic Brazilian acerola.

By the end of Day 2, I made a decision.

Even though day 2 is the toughest, it was beginning to be very clear to me, I would have to do this once a month. I felt amazing! I didn't feel hungry at all and I was confident I was getting so many nutrients from their recipes. I was so much less bloated and the thought of eating ice cream didn't really cross my mind.

When it was over, I was sad to say goodbye to Lemonkind. It had been a really transformative 3 days! I was feeling physically lighter and I even started to crave fruits and vegetables to sustain me over dairy and salty meats.

I thought they were inaccessible when I had no time, but I realized I was simply just not making the time.

We take healthy food for granted these days I feel because there are so many options available but now I see that healthy food is everywhere, and Lemonkind helped me start reaching for it again as a better way of life.

I'm going to start doing this regularly, so yes, you should definitely try it if you're curious (and maybe have a vendetta against detoxes, like I did).

It will reset your body and mind but even better than that, it will give you a sense of pride and accomplishment that can only be achieved after giving yourself some much needed and deserved Tender Loving Care.

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