Lemonkind’s NutriBoba Is About To Be Your New Favorite Drink

It's bubble tea, but better for you!

I'm SO done with losing and gaining the same 5 pounds (plus some). You'd think at this point in my life I'd be convinced that diets don't work.

When I came back from my last vacation, my pants were tight (perfectly normal), so I decided to go on a diet. I cut out a bunch of foods, which worked for a week, but I would get hungry in the afternoon, and then I'd cave and eat everything in sight.

Result? Well, now my pants were even tighter.

My friend Casey lost a bunch of weight last year, and in fact, just ran a half marathon - wish I was that motivated, but really, I am just not, even though I find it incredibly impressive.

A few weeks back, after seeing a post on her insta where she looked absolutely awesome, I decided to send her a quick message to ask what her diet was like. She listed a bunch of foods she eats on the reg, and the fact that she now eats less but more often, meaning, she snacks a lot.

Her other tips: she also occasionally does a cleanse, and the go-to snack she can't live without is something called NUTRIBOBA, a new healthy bubble tea I had never heard of before.

Isn't bubble tea full of sugar?

She said the cleanse company, Lemonkind, makes a delicious bubble tea that is specifically formulated for weight management.

Instead of tapioca pearls, the boba is made of a high-fiber Japanese root vegetable called Konjac, and the actual tea packets have ingredients that naturally help reduce belly fat.

It sounded cool, so I decided to read up on it. Apparently, Konjac (or, shirataki) has been known to aid digestion and create a prolonged sensation of fullness.

So it made sense when she told me that adding it to her diet was a more effective way to eat healthier than trying to cut out a bunch of stuff, especially since she said she only really ate junk when she was starving.

Same! I had to walk past the office candy jar every day, but if I had a healthy bubble tea, I'd definitely skip it.

NUTRIBOBA bubble tea lattes come in 5 flavors: Dark Chocolate Oolong, Maqui Berry Dandelion, Arabica Coffee Yerba Mate, Ceremonial Matcha Moringa, and Turmeric Golden Vanilla. Yum!

I started off with a 10-pack of the Dark Chocolate Oolong Tea Lattes and a 10-pack of the Turmeric Golden Vanilla tea lattes because I liked the idea of having a caffeine and caffeine-free option.

When they arrived, I was surprised by how much was included because each pack comes with a pack of the pearls - that is 75 grams total per serving. I hoped it was good!

The instructions were easy - just dump a packet of the boba and a packet of the tea into 8 oz of water, shake, and drink! I tried the chocolate first, and it was delicious. Super chocolatey, but not too heavy, and honestly, I couldn't believe it was vegan.

I drank it in about half an hour, and in the end, I noticed I was surprisingly full, but not stuffed - it reminded me of how great I felt the time I went to a vegan restaurant.

The turmeric golden vanilla was great, too.

I started drinking one NUTRIBOBA in the morning and one in the afternoon to combat the office slump - I had more energy from the tea flavors and from not pigging out on candy or whatever, so I also felt super productive at work.

Also, all the fiber did wonders for my digestion, if you know what I mean.

I am excited to share that my pants have started fitting better, and the post-vacation muffin-top is no longer. I'm never dieting again!!

I love how now I get full quicker, don't crash after meals, and feel so much less bloated. My skin looks amazing too. I can't wait to try every flavor!

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