Lemonkind Makes Bubble Tea So Easy and Tasty

My mom is super cool. When she noticed that Lemonkind recently launched a new line of Superfood drinks called Nutriboba - healthy ready-to-mix bubble teas - she immediately sent a care package to my dorm room. Surprise!

I'm an absolute bubble tea fan and even a bit of a snob you could say. I started drinking it when I was in middle school 'cause I grew up in Seattle where Boba is practically its own food group. So, let's just say, I have extremely high standards.

But, seriously, when I got to this teeny college town to find it was a bubble tea wasteland, I went through withdrawal. I started eating brownies and donuts and chocolates to satisfy my sugar cravings and gained your stereotypical freshman 15. Worse than that, I felt like crap.

On top of that, I have had to settle for coffee to take me through my busy days - I'm up at 6am and sometimes I literally don't hit the pillow until 2am. By my 7th cup of caffeine, I'm bouncing-off-the-walls jittery. But what was I gonna do?

When I opened the Nutriboba box I found an "invigorate" variety pack, which includes 30 servings: 10 of matcha, 10 of chocolate, and 10 of coffee. I thought: I better not hate it. It would suck to have to give all this away. And there's a bonus shaker bottle too, cute - I guess I have to mix this stuff together?

So, I checked out Lemonkind's site on my phone and followed their how-to-guide which was surprisingly easy. I filled the shaker bottle with 240 ml of room temperature water, added the packet of Nutriboba Low Calorie Konjac Boba, and combined the Arabica Coffee Yerba Mate Latte flavor. I shook it for 10 seconds and let it sit for 2 minutes.

It was so strange but in a surprisingly good way - normally, boba pearls sink to the bottom, but these pearls were floating. Instead of starchy tapioca, Nutriboba's bobas are made of konjac. It's an Asian plant that's low in carbs and calories and is a soluble fiber that causes the bubbles to float. No need for a straw, so I save plastic!

I'll admit, I was quite concerned about the texture of their bubbles - with all this fiber, perhaps they'd be mushy. But no problem there - the pearls were tasty and chewy. And the actual drinks were not overly sweet because Nutriboba uses Stevia and Allulose instead of sugar. It's non GMO, Gluten-Free, Vegan and made from 100% Whole-Grains. They contain nutrient-dense organic superfoods and adaptogens like Pea Protein Isolate, Acacia Fiber, Maca, Maitake Mushroom, Rose Hips, Organic Astragalus, and Ashitaba.

I'm obsessed with my Nutriboba! I've been drinking 2 all-in-one bubble tea meals each day for the past 8 weeks. They have so many flavors - Dark Chocolate Oolong, Turmeric Golden Vanilla Latte, Maqui Berry Dandelion Latte, Ceremonial Matcha Moringa Latte - I never get bored.

I take my shaker to classes to stop my tummy from rumbling. At only 120 calories and 17-18 grams of net carbs per serving, it's a convenient treat that keeps me full and reduces my hunger pangs. What a guilt-free solution to my former sugar and caffeine addictions. I've committed to Nutriboba's Weight Loss Program, so throughout the day I snack on veggies, nuts, avocado - can't get enough of avocados. Then in the evening, I make sure to eat a balanced meal. I've already lost 8 pounds!

With Nutriboba, Lemonkind has created the world's first ready-to-drink bubble tea. This semester, I feel lighter, brighter, and more alive than ever before.

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