Best LGBTQ-Owned Brands To Shop

Whether you’re advocating for equality, sharing infographics to your social media regarding LGBTQ trends and issues, standing by your LGBTQ friends and family, or educating yourself and others on LGBTQ history and rights, another impactful way to show your love is by shopping LGBTQ-owned brands.

It may seem like just a simple way to spend your money…but supporting these brands makes a huge difference. By doing so, you not only contribute to the economic empowerment of LGBTQ entrepreneurs but also foster a more inclusive marketplace.

Here are some not-so-new, but definitely noteworthy LGBTQ-owned brands with high-quality products that you can shop from to celebrate Pride Month and beyond:

Fluide:This cosmetics company offers vibrant and inclusive makeup products suitable for all genders and identities. From glitter-packed eyeshadows to bold lipsticks, Fluide rejoices in diversity and self-expression of beauty.

Wildfang: For fashion-forward individuals, Wildfang provides gender-neutral clothing and accessories inspired by classic menswear but with a contemporary twist. Their designs challenge traditional norms and promote fashion inclusivity.

TomboyX:Specializing in underwear and loungewear, TomboyX creates stylish and comfy essentials for all body types and gender identities. Their commitment to diversity and body positivity shines through their inclusive sizing and empowering messaging.

Brother Vellies: This luxury footwear brand combines traditional African craftsmanship with a contemporary aesthetic. Founded by Aurora James— a member of the LGBTQ community— Brother Vellies prioritizes sustainability and ethical production practices.

Babeland: As a leading retailer of adult toys and accessories, Babeland offers a curated selection of products catering to diverse sexual orientations and preferences. Their commitment to sexual health and pleasure extends to inclusive sex education resources.

Queer Candle Co.: Elevate your space with hand-poured candles from Queer Candle Co. Fabulous scents and artistic designs reflect the creativity and originality of the LGBTQ community. Plus, a portion of proceeds goes towards supporting LGBTQ charities and organizations.

Pride Socks:Show your pride from head to toe with colorful socks from Pride Socks. From rainbow stripes to inclusive flag designs, their socks are perfect for making a fashion statement while supporting LGBTQ causes.

The Phluid Project:As the world's first gender-neutral store, The Phluid Project offers a curated selection of clothing, accessories, and beauty products that defy traditional gender categories. Their inclusive space fosters community and celebrates individuality.

Many of these brands are affordable for everyone, others can replace those mega-corporations actively ignoring the queer community.

Supporting LGBTQ-owned brands empowers entrepreneurs within the community, gives voices to an entirely new community and sends a message of solidarity and acceptance. When someone asks you where you got that faaaabulous candle, now you have the perfect opportunity to brag about uplifting the LGBTQ+ community!

So this Pride Month, and every month, let's continue to uplift and celebrate LGBTQ voices in business and beyond.

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