Easy ways to spruce up your living room without spending a lot of money

As the central gathering spot in most homes, the living room is the true heart of the household. We hang out with family, watch television, play games, snack, relax, and then some. With all the activity the living room gets, it deserves a mini-makeover.

But there is no need to spend a load of dough to make a difference. Small changes can revitalize, making your living room even more livable. If you want to give your living room a refresh for the New Year, then these five sprucer-uppers will do the trick without breaking the bank.

A fresh coat of paint


Drab walls, cracking or faded paint, or an outdated hue can make your living room less-than-inviting. A perfect paint job will brighten the room, creating a more cheerful atmosphere you will want to spend even more time in.

As per The Spruce, "You can paint the entire room one color; you can paint a feature wall; or you can paint some type of design such as stripes, chevrons, or stencil work. With paint there are no limits."

HGTVadds, "Don't forget the ceiling. Painting the ceiling a soft shade of blue, that mimics the sky, draws your eye up and makes rooms feel more airy and open."

Go light or go bright. The options are only limited by your taste and imagination.

Add pizazz with pillows


Punch up your seats and sofas with new pillows to add color and style. Low-cost pillows can be found at home stores, yard sales, and department stores, and all you need are a few to make a bold impact. Go with your existing color theme, mix and match, or find patterns and designs with whimsy. Add dimension with pillows of varying sizes and shapes.

You can even make your own pillow covers, as suggested by Better Homes & Gardens. "Use scrap fabric for an easy-sew pillow cover."

Pillows add comfort, whether chic or cute, so make your room cozy and creative.

Make room for mirrors


Mirrors add a décor-boost as well as the feeling of more space. Pick up some thrift-shop finds, yard sale steals, or plain, frameless mirrors from a home improvement store. All are inexpensive, yet add a reflective redo to your living room.

The Spruce suggests, "Find a second-hand mirror and paint the frame to match your space. Hang it across from a window to instantly make your room feel bigger."

Traditional Home notes, "Mirrors are as common in decorating as wall paint, but a particularly stylish one can lend sparkle to an entire room." AndHouse Beautiful adds, "Mirrors open up a room no matter where you put one."

Now who's the fairest of them all?!

Do it... declutter


One of the easiest and least expensive ways to spruce up a sloppy living room is by decluttering. A strategic spring cleaning will not only neaten things up, but the area will be far roomier and well-organized.

The Spruce notes, "Crowding too many things into a room can make it feel small and claustrophobic. To lighten a space simply remove a few items."

Once you clean up and clear out, make sure things stay that way. HGTV recommends, "Tidy up and help kids stay organized by providing a dedicated area for stashing their toys. A shelf with pegs will keep jackets and coats from piling up, while a large lidded basket is perfect for storing backpacks." The same goes for lazy adults too!

Get chic with curtains

Curtains are functional and decorative, but they can often make the room look heavy and dim. Not to mention, old-fashioned patterns and worn-out material can outdate your home's style. Wayfair notes that drapes (particularly new ones), "Bring visual interest and character into your space. Add drama and height to your room by hanging drapes from the ceiling to the floor."

You can even customize store-bought drapes for a wallet-friendly and unique fix. As per HGTV, "Give drapes a custom makeover by adding a panel of fabric that coordinates with your decor. If sewing isn't your strength, no-sew options include attaching wide ribbon or upholstery trim with fabric glue or simply taping off a section of the curtain and applying a block of fabric paint."

Go for something light and airy or patterned and pretty. With this curtain upgrade, you will have windows that wow!

Are you ready for a lovely living room revamp? Spruce up and sit back in sophisticated style!

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