The Easy Life Change To Put Your Health First

It's time for Americans to think about nutrition for more than just weight loss: 92% of Americans suffer from at least one mineral or vitamin deficiency, and 50% of all Americans are deficient in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D and magnesium. Vitamin deficiencies can lead to everything from chronic fatigue and sluggish thoughts to more serious health problems like heart disease.

made for_ is bringing these staggering statistics down with personalized supplement mixes, delivered to your door each month. Hundred's experts really take the time to understand your unique goals and lifestyle choices to recommend the vitamins you need to achieve your health goals.You wouldn't buy one size fits all clothing, so why would you take standard supplements? Keep reading to learn why personalization is key.

Multivitamins just don't cut it. Your body is unique. Your vitamins should be too. If we were all alike, then it would make sense for everyone to take the same daily vitamin. This is simply not the case, and what a boring world that would be. Hundred has 24 different vitamins, herbs, minerals and superfoods that can make 50,000 combinations based on your unique needs. Just take a quick 3 minute quiz online, and Hundred curates the right mix based on your diet, activity levels, and other lifestyle factors.

Mixed with you in mind. Your vitamin mix is selected based on your specific health goals. Whether you need more energy, better hair & skin, a stronger immune system, or something else, Hundred has 13 different health goals to choose from to help improve your day-to-day life. Hundred's team of experts makes sure you won't be taking any risks with your health by providing guidance to ensure your vitamin mix won't interfere with medications you may currently be taking. For example, CoQ10 is not ideal for those who take medications to treat diabetes and high blood pressure, and iron should not be mixed with magnesium, calcium or zinc.

Smart suggestions to help you stay on the path.Hundred's 3 month cycles help give you what you need as the seasons change (for example, Vitamin D in the darker months of winter), and as your health increases.

Save money and time. Shopping for vitamins, both online and in stores, can be scary and intimidating. It's hard to know where to begin or which products you can trust with so many different brands, dosages and price points. Hundred's personalized mixes average a dollar a day (starting as low as 50 cents) and contain only what you need in convenient, daily packs with your name on them. Hundred now is offering a discount when you opt for the 3 month or 6 month pre-paid plan! Vitamins take 3 months to see the full effects, so we recommend these options to get the best deal.

Hundred is changing the way Americans take supplements. Their convenient subscription means you can say goodbye to overwhelming options at the drugstore or one-size-fits-all horse pills. Their blends are all GMO free and sourced from around the world, including powerful herbs from many countries you won't be able to get at your local corner store. Their easy to navigate quiz gives Hundred an insight into what your body needs and can help you discover key vitamins and minerals that you might not know you needed.

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